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  1. jockmama13 commented on Andy Capp about 4 years ago

    In early strips – I mean, like 30 years ago – Andy said he served with the British Army in North Africa. That would make him about 90 today. Maybe all that beer serves as a preservative…

  2. jockmama13 commented on Candorville over 4 years ago

    What’s with the parka in the height of summer? Was he born on Mercury…?

  3. jockmama13 commented on Overboard over 4 years ago

    I’ve always enjoyed the way Dunham gives his female mice human boobs!

  4. jockmama13 commented on The Other Coast over 4 years ago

    Can’t be accurate. All cats are Democrats. So you can’t draw them quoting the Republican party platform.

  5. jockmama13 commented on Citizen Dog over 4 years ago

    Please tell me what Web site I can go to, to buy my very own nuclear weapons. (The rest of his stash is covered by the NRA, of course.)

  6. jockmama13 commented on Candorville over 4 years ago

    I know that this strip is constantly emphasizing how a little connection to reality Lamont has. But, STILL… Someone in real life would have to be certifiably INSANE to consider someone who steals from you, lies to you, and does you dirt constantly for no other reason than that he CAN, a “friend.” Let’s just go right to Lamont’s committal and eventual cure, huh?

  7. jockmama13 commented on Bound and Gagged over 4 years ago

    Maybe I’m missing something the Mensa members who posted here saw in this “comic.” I keep trying to figure out how death and maiming constitute “humor,” but I can only catch a tiny glimpse of it if I imagine the victim as being Lush Limburger or Jerry Fallbadly. And that only works for a second or two. What am I missing…????

  8. jockmama13 commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not over 4 years ago

    Exactly. A dormant volcano is just one that isn’t erupting NOW. Lots of places have dormant volcanos – until they have ACTIVE volcanos…!

  9. jockmama13 commented on Doonesbury over 4 years ago

    The worst myth of all is that gays and lesbians are looking to hit on straights. This couldn’t be FARTHER from the truth. We interact with straights all day every day, and KNOW we’d NEVER want them for sex/relationship partners.

  10. jockmama13 commented on Heart of the City over 4 years ago

    I LIKE my Peeps totally stale. Then they’re chewy – not gooey. But I DO admit I don’t think there’s anything in them that’s even vaguely “organic”…