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  1. lyle122 commented on The Bent Pinky over 2 years ago

    its the boots – - no five dollar shine on them

  2. lyle122 commented on Chris Britt over 2 years ago

    stop being such cry babies – get in line with the rest of the Moochers, or I mean Citizens, be grateful for your handouts – - – - -

  3. lyle122 commented on Steve Breen over 2 years ago

    Would anyone care if Reskins became Whiteskins? Or Blackskins? Or Pinkskins? Or Pigskins?

  4. lyle122 commented on Tony Auth over 2 years ago

    Maybe Redskins should be replaced with Whiteskins, or Blackskins, or Pinkskins?? Or Pigskins?

  5. lyle122 commented on Nick Anderson over 2 years ago

    It is going to be tough – - I mean can you imagine standing in line at your doctor’s office with those poor people that did not have insurance before – - – -

  6. lyle122 commented on Lalo Alcaraz over 2 years ago

    The stuff that comes out of boots I know does not smell very good – - – -

  7. lyle122 commented on Signe Wilkinson over 2 years ago

    Is that his Golden Sacs wife in the boat with him??

  8. lyle122 commented on One Big Happy over 2 years ago

    Maybe they are “Forever” stamps – - – - -

  9. lyle122 commented on Clay Bennett over 2 years ago

    and it is a black tire – – - -

  10. lyle122 commented on Paul Szep over 2 years ago

    Of all the birds in the bird park, why did Jesus pick the dove to represent His Spirit??

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