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  1. NashvilleMac commented on Doonesbury over 4 years ago

    Heckle and Jeckle didn’t. :)

  2. NashvilleMac commented on Arlo and Janis almost 5 years ago

    Methinks this is an issue with Gene’s generation, not just Gene personally. Most of the lusers chasing my daughters don’t appear qualified to do much of anything beyond going for a new high score in Call Of Duty.

  3. NashvilleMac commented on Bloom County over 5 years ago


    Run away!!! Run away!!!


  4. NashvilleMac commented on Doonesbury almost 6 years ago

    No doubt Leo loves Alex, but I doubt he will want to get married until he’s in a position to independently support the two of them. No way will he want to try living as newlyweds in Mom’s trailer - or at least I hope to God he has more self-respect than that. :)

  5. NashvilleMac commented on Bloom County almost 6 years ago

    PlaidWolf - you are totally correct. One of the most interesting flights I’ve ever taken was a commuter flight I shared in the late 80s with a number of wrestlers - Randy Savage, Elizabeth, George “The Animal” Steele, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, Honky Tonk Man, and a couple of others - who had done a bout in Nashville the night before and were traveling to their next bout. Their social dynamic was a total hoot; guys who were bashing each other with folding chairs the night before were sitting side by side joking and comparing notes on the bouts while waiting on the flight.

    FYI for those who weren’t aware: wrestling isn’t fake (not in terms of the physical requirements, anyway), but it *is* performance art. :)

  6. NashvilleMac commented on For Better or For Worse almost 6 years ago

    Last of the red-hot romantics.

  7. NashvilleMac commented on Bloom County almost 6 years ago

    tdothen - 10s across the board for that’un - from the Russian judge, even.

  8. NashvilleMac commented on Calvin and Hobbes almost 6 years ago

    From the first time I read it years ago, this has been one of my favoritest C&H strips ever.

  9. NashvilleMac commented on Bloom County almost 6 years ago

    Sisyphos said, about 16 hours ago

    Steve purports to be a lawyer. That is an argument in favor of the lady’s viewpoint.

    Yeah, but he never claimed to be a good lawyer.

  10. NashvilleMac commented on Doonesbury almost 6 years ago

    mblase - and, of course, you have multiple references on hand to document “ordinary violent crimes” that have endured continuously for a year or more (i.e., the equivalent of a tour of duty in Iraq and/or Afghanistan)….