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  1. KingArthur67 commented on FoxTrot 10 months ago

    Fun fact: Mel Blanc, the original voice of Bugs Bunny, was allergic to carrots. But he was committed to staying in character and when the script called for it would actually bite into a carrot, chew it and then spit it out

  2. KingArthur67 commented on Pearls Before Swine over 2 years ago

    Rat’s advice was good and an earnest attempt to be helpful. That it did not work out does not negate that

  3. KingArthur67 commented on Rubes over 2 years ago

    You don’t look a day over 50 :)

  4. KingArthur67 commented on Get Fuzzy over 2 years ago

    There actually was a “batdog” in the comics. Batman had Ace the Bathound in a less serious age

  5. KingArthur67 commented on Peanuts over 2 years ago

    Not anymore

  6. KingArthur67 commented on Overboard over 2 years ago

    Forget rabbits. Go to a political rally

  7. KingArthur67 commented on Get Fuzzy almost 3 years ago

    Jack Reacher in the novels is 6’5". Tom Cruise is no Jack Reacher

  8. KingArthur67 commented on Reality Check almost 3 years ago

    Former President Ronald Reagan in a speech before the Berlin Wall uttered the line in the strip. Shortly thereafter the Berlin Wall did come down. The speaker in this strip is most likely Humpty Dumpty(sat on a wall and had a great fall fame). The two are being combined

  9. KingArthur67 commented on FoxTrot Classics almost 3 years ago

    That’s the problem

  10. KingArthur67 commented on Rubes almost 3 years ago

    Don’t have the time,don’t do the crime. Seriously,if you don’t want to go to jail don’t rob,steal,assault,rape or murder. Obey the law