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  1. Jerry Carlson commented on Zack Hill 5 days ago

    A Facebook friend of mine had a great idea – everytime someone says, “Political Correctness”, save a couple syllables and say “Respect for Others.”

  2. Jerry Carlson commented on Arlo and Janis 5 days ago

    I make about a gallon of veg soup, chili, or gumbo for the two of us three weekends out of five when it’s too cold and dark to grill (plus the weekend of each year’s last Farmer’s Market) – then freeze most of it to vary whatever I make the next weekend (the other two are usually meatloaf or pot roast).

  3. Jerry Carlson commented on JumpStart 24 days ago

    Once when the restaurant was having a drawing for a trip to the Orient, my wife’s said “Pack your bags for a long trip”, and mine said “You are headed in the right direction” – and I was facing the Pacific. But we didn’t win.

  4. Jerry Carlson commented on The Born Loser over 1 year ago

    “No, but you can have a jolly time being miserable!” – Arthur Treacher on “Duffy’s Tavern”.

  5. Jerry Carlson commented on Rose is Rose over 1 year ago

    My Matchbox cars and comic books have had more play and literary than collector’s value.

  6. Jerry Carlson commented on Mutt & Jeff over 1 year ago

    Frank McCourt’s father believed that even a ditchdigger who didn’t wear a tie to work had no respect for himself (per “Angela’s Ashes”).

  7. Jerry Carlson commented on Herb and Jamaal over 1 year ago

    It’s been said that the proof that exercise machines work is that clothes hung on them shrink.

  8. Jerry Carlson commented on The Born Loser over 1 year ago

    Shades of Victor Borge’s Inflationary Language – e.g. instead of something being wonderful it’s twoderful.

  9. Jerry Carlson commented on One Big Happy over 1 year ago

    “Then the Grinch very nimbly
    Stuffed all of the bags, one by one, up the chimbley”
    (or something like that)

  10. Jerry Carlson commented on Nancy over 1 year ago

    Somebody at the 1982 Cokato Corn Carnival was selling ice cream for a nickel a scoop. I overheard someone say “There’s not much you can get for a nickel anymore.” I thought. “Sure you can – penny candy!”