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  1. Jerry Carlson commented on Rip Haywire about 20 hours ago

    StoicLion: Per Shatner’s book “Star Trek Memories”, the main costume materials were “velour, which is cheap and easy to work with, and female skin, which is free and easy to look at.”

  2. Jerry Carlson commented on Frank & Ernest 2 days ago

    “Capital bit of humor, that … Father died laughing.”

  3. Jerry Carlson commented on PreTeena 13 days ago

    The streetsweeper at the Cheyenne Frontier Days parades – featuring possibly the world’s largest collection of horse-drawn vehicles – gets a big cheer both times it appears in each parade.

  4. Jerry Carlson commented on Grand Avenue 13 days ago

    Try asking neighbors. I’d love to pay somebody to rake mine.

  5. Jerry Carlson commented on Drabble 13 days ago

    Our late dackel Lindy was never happy in the morning until she had herded all of us, including guests, into the dining room.

  6. Jerry Carlson commented on Nancy 14 days ago

    “I’ve seen how you sparkleWhen Fall nips the air;I know you in Autumn,And I must be there.”- Alan Jay Lerner, “If Ever I Would Leave You” (Camelot)

  7. Jerry Carlson commented on Brevity 16 days ago

    Sfreader’s answer is mine to whether I give a darn if my ocks get a hole.

  8. Jerry Carlson commented on Emmy Lou 16 days ago

    The 1962 musical Mr. President, Irving Berlin’s last, includes a romance between the First Daughter and her Secret Service guard.

  9. Jerry Carlson commented on Daddy's Home 17 days ago

    Re Saturday’s question: My cell phone is in the car, ready to turn on for emergencies, ordering takeaway, or telling my wife I’m delayed, not deceased.

  10. Jerry Carlson commented on Drabble 20 days ago

    I do like to do the ones in airline magazines, but put my napkin over the grid to do them as diagramless and leave them for the next passenger.