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  1. Jerry Carlson commented on Mutt & Jeff 3 days ago

    Hard water has the salts. Heavy water has deuterium (with a proton and a neutron in its nucleus) instead of regular hydrogen (just the proton), so it’s about 11% heavier. As to drinking it, I remember the 1966 Batman movie in which the Penguin accidentally used heavy water (used for the Batcave’s nuclear reactor) to rehydrate four dehydrated goons. It made them so physically unstable two of them dissapeared into another dimension when punched; the other two did so when they got scared by this and ran into each other.

  2. Jerry Carlson commented on The Knight Life 3 days ago

    One of my docs told the residents that most humans become lactose intolerant at puberty. It’s just some mutants from Northern Europe and their descendants (one of them pictured at left) that don’t. Cheesemaking is essentially removing lactose, it being water-soluble.

  3. Jerry Carlson commented on Gasoline Alley 3 days ago

    I foresee “Exit, chased by a bear.”

  4. Jerry Carlson commented on Family Tree 3 days ago

    Iceman47 – I think I recall Mark Twain observing the same of his father.

  5. Jerry Carlson commented on Daddy's Home 3 days ago

    Beviek – I’m reminded of an undergrad I overheard ca 1986 telling her friends she had gone to see Deep Throat because she had been studying Watergate in history class.

  6. Jerry Carlson commented on Mutt & Jeff 4 days ago

    Jimmy Stewart as Charles Lindbergh debated with himself about whether a fly in the cockpit adde weight to the plane if it was flying around inside. The fly made the question moot by seking out a garbage can in Newfoundland.

  7. Jerry Carlson commented on Grand Avenue 4 days ago

    An opportunity to bathe Rudy.

  8. Jerry Carlson commented on Rip Haywire 4 days ago

    I prefer wraparounds because clip-ons require buttoning the top button.

  9. Jerry Carlson commented on Drabble 7 days ago

    Chris – About like Chip and Trixie Flagston.

  10. Jerry Carlson commented on Arlo and Janis 7 days ago

    We have containers of ashes in the back of a display cabinet – mostly behind dachshund figurines.