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  1. Reppr commented on The Duplex about 13 hours ago

    I used to hear stories about the jar that held the pickles….

  2. Reppr commented on Tom Toles about 13 hours ago

    Perhaps the Dems are trying to make us forget how Putin has made a complete fool of Obama at every turn except, of course, when Obama was making a fool of himself (remember the apology tour or the red line in the sand?) I suspect that Hillary is no more adept at foreign policy than Obama. Anybody care to list her major accomplishments as Secretary of State?

  3. Reppr commented on The Grizzwells 8 days ago

    Here comes one now! RUN!!!

  4. Reppr commented on Henry Payne 10 days ago


  5. Reppr commented on Get Fuzzy 10 days ago

    Too dated to be interesting.

  6. Reppr commented on Arlo and Janis 11 days ago

    Let’s all chip in and order Arlo a google glass VR.

  7. Reppr commented on Arlo and Janis 12 days ago

    Salem, don’t inhale ’em.

  8. Reppr commented on The Duplex 12 days ago

    Nice phone, Eno!

  9. Reppr commented on Clay Jones 14 days ago

    Nothing like your sneering, jeering jibes to make you look sensitive, compassionate and considerate of others.

  10. Reppr commented on Big Nate 19 days ago

    An idea whose time has come…and gone.