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  1. Doug Taylor commented on On A Claire Day 1 day ago

    Latest survey indicates that 20% of Canadians have given up their land lines for cell phones.

  2. Doug Taylor commented on Strange Brew 1 day ago

    Must be “Word Play Day” check out the Duplex

  3. Doug Taylor commented on Herman 1 day ago

    There are far more good ones than bad ones! Years ago I used to maintain a car wash in my spare time. One Saturday morning an OPP cruiser pulled in while I was there. We struck up a conversation and he mentioned he needed to clean the car as he was leading a funeral procession shortly. I told him the wash was on me. Later in the day I wanted to try out my newly purchased Mustang GT on a seldom used road. I was doing around 80 mph in a 50 when all of a sudden I see red lights in my mirror. I pull over and the trooper gets out of his car yelling at me as he approached from behind. When he got to the window he recognized me as “the car wash guy”. His tone changed immediately and he cautioned me to slow down and have a good day.

  4. Doug Taylor commented on Rubes 2 months ago

    What is green and goes 60 miles per hour?
    A frog in a blender

  5. Doug Taylor commented on On A Claire Day 4 months ago

    unless she’s wearing a Burka…

  6. Doug Taylor commented on The Duplex 4 months ago

    Yep she was a slapper. When Eno was born the doctor slapped ’er

  7. Doug Taylor commented on Herman 4 months ago

    The first 5D chess board

  8. Doug Taylor commented on On A Claire Day 4 months ago

    Ha ha ha. My first thought when I read this in the paper this morning was “Where’s the cat?”

  9. Doug Taylor commented on Scary Gary 5 months ago


  10. Doug Taylor commented on Zack Hill 5 months ago

    It’s amazing how many people actually go through life this way.