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Working Daze

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  1. belgarathmth commented on FoxTrot Classics 3 days ago

    @QuiteDragon, that’s not right. “I” is the predicate nominative of the main clause. “It was I”. The subordinate clause is "who got you through kindergarten. “Who”, “which”, and “that” are relative pronouns that serve as subjects of dependent clauses while also connecting the dependent clause to the main clause.

  2. belgarathmth commented on FoxTrot Classics 6 days ago

    Actually, it’s a running joke in the strip that Roger is terrible at chess and can’t beat anybody in the family. Andy and Paige hate to play with him, because chess bores them and Roger keeps insisting on playing game after game trying to win – which he never does.

  3. belgarathmth commented on Working Daze 15 days ago

    Well, this is an interesting turn of events. I look forward to seeing how John and Scott will handle a pregnancy and a baby in the strip. Will it be allowed to grow up, or will it stay forever at a certain age? Or will it be born and rarely mentioned or seen in the strip, like Rita’s kids and grandkids?

  4. belgarathmth commented on Calvin and Hobbes 15 days ago

    Barely a dusting of snow on the ground in Chattanooga. Still cold and windy, though.

  5. belgarathmth commented on Get Fuzzy 15 days ago

    I think I might have been the Boogie Man when I was in my 20’s! In the closet by day, a Dancing Queen at night. ;)

  6. belgarathmth commented on Wizard of Id 21 days ago

    I think “pew pew pew” is Magic Missiles and “whoosh” is a Fireball. Think D&D instead of Star Wars. Wizards, not Jedi, after all. And I love the art and D&D humor we’ve seen in the strip lately.

  7. belgarathmth commented on Andy Capp 21 days ago

    Is public drunkenness a crime in England? In the U.S. he’d be arrested and put in jail if he passed out on the street.

  8. belgarathmth commented on Stone Soup Classics 23 days ago

    Three adults and two children. Max is still a glint in Wally’s eye.

  9. belgarathmth commented on Stone Soup Classics 27 days ago

    It’s interesting how mother-teen behavior can get carried into middle age for the child and grandparent age for the mother. Joan might as well be 14 again and Evie 35 in this scene.

  10. belgarathmth commented on Gasoline Alley 29 days ago

    Okay, I was not expecting a Star Wars/Tony the Tiger joke when I clicked to read “Gasoline Alley”. It made me smile and kind of wince at the same time, the way a bad pun does. Very amusing, though. :)