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  1. HomewCats commented on Biff & Riley over 2 years ago

    :) I shop on-line and stay OUT of the malls. They think perfume replaces adequate ventilation and fresh air.

  2. HomewCats commented on Rose is Rose about 3 years ago

    I keep my cats IN the house and feed the birds and squirrels outside to keep the cats running from window to window. But they do set the daily schedule.

  3. HomewCats commented on Arlo and Janis about 3 years ago

    I have more than one black cat. We celebrate Friday the 13th. The cats get tuna for breakfast. Maybe a bribe can ward off bad luck?

  4. HomewCats commented on Marmaduke over 3 years ago

    :) That is what we thought about our Saint Bernards. Until some relatives came to visit and arrived when no one was home. Brandy and Beauty happily let them in for attention and petting. (gg) They just would not let them leave until our parents got home! Not even to get something from their car.

  5. HomewCats commented on Ten Cats over 3 years ago

    :) I’m waiting to see dinner time! It might as well be a riot at my houes.

  6. HomewCats commented on Ziggy over 3 years ago

    And DIY has neat instructions for making your own humane mouse trap.

  7. HomewCats commented on Ziggy over 3 years ago

    I don’t know about mice, but I have “pointing devices” since my cat, Teddy, went mouse hunting and gutted my first roller ball computer mouse within 24 hours of purchasing the computer.

  8. HomewCats commented on Rose is Rose over 3 years ago

    ;) You should SEE what two cats can do to a dark house when they are chasing a firefly!!! All the curtains were down, the screens off the windows, the chairs turned over, books off the bookcase, my bedspread on the floor and the African Violets smashed to the floor! They trashed the place. I thought we had a break-in. Until I finally got to bed and turned the lights out. Then that bug started blinking and the cats went CRAZY trying to catch it. ROFL!

  9. HomewCats commented on Raising Duncan over 3 years ago

    :) It is time to go shopping at my house when the cats need food or litter!

  10. HomewCats commented on Raising Duncan over 3 years ago

    I lost a pair of bunny slippers to two Bichon puppies. They really had fun with them.