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  1. shooflypie commented on Ballard Street 16 days ago

    He’s barricaded himself behind the napkin holder, sugar dispenser, salt and pepper shakers and even made a lean-to with his plate. It could be a long wait for Nancy.

  2. shooflypie commented on Frog Applause 19 days ago

    I right with you Sandboil but it’s pretty much a losing battle. I suppose you could flag every puppy and kitten picture and all the other stuff. You should see the comic Ballard Street. It’s really out of hand over there.

  3. shooflypie commented on For Better or For Worse about 1 month ago

    Every week I iron my husbands button up work shirts. He doesn’t have to wear a tie anymore but it’s still no polo shirts, button up only. They don’t look too bad straight out of the dryer but ironing them just makes them a little crisper, get that nice crease down the sleeve.

  4. shooflypie commented on Ballard Street 3 months ago

    He probably buys his socks one size larger just for this purpose.

  5. shooflypie commented on Ballard Street 6 months ago

    Lefty2. . . I get every word you said!!

  6. shooflypie commented on Medium Large 10 months ago

    wow. . . . .

  7. shooflypie commented on Ballard Street 12 months ago

    I agree Lefty. . . . he could have at least dressed appropriately. . . . the very least the ankle bells : )

  8. shooflypie commented on Brevity about 1 year ago

    Dogsniff, I’m like and and won’t spend a dime on Candy Crush. . . I’m stuck on level 165 and feel it’s impossible to get past . . . but I will not spend any money on it!

  9. shooflypie commented on Ballard Street about 1 year ago

    Oh but with quantity like this it would cost a fortune if he went with battery power.

  10. shooflypie commented on Ballard Street about 1 year ago

    hey Lefty! It is amazing she got those 3 big pins out of that purse! I think you need to give Stan a few pointers : )