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  1. Beleck3 commented on For Better or For Worse 14 days ago

    ah the war of the sexes.

  2. Beleck3 commented on Doonesbury 14 days ago

    too bad Trudeau doesn’t spend time on today’s idiocy. there’s a lot more today than there was yesterday, lol.

  3. Beleck3 commented on For Better or For Worse 16 days ago

    ripping off the consumer is an art Business has long been known for. and now Business runs the Government, Planet and American Empire. aren’t we lucky? lol

  4. Beleck3 commented on For Better or For Worse 17 days ago

    and the phone cord! another dated concept from landlines.

  5. Beleck3 commented on Non Sequitur 22 days ago

    i don’t hate God believers, i just think they are deluded children in need of a “Bad” Daddy figure. a shame they take others so personally. Believing in a fantasy figure is their right.

  6. Beleck3 commented on Doonesbury 22 days ago

    lol, the questions, the hard questions, still are the same. not much has changed since then, except, of course, for the fleecing of the Middle Class. Reagan hadn’t been anointed yet.

  7. Beleck3 commented on Non Sequitur 23 days ago

    yes a strange incidence where a man is raising kids, much less two daughter. though i’m not sure anyone could “raise” Danae. lol tolerate maybe

  8. Beleck3 commented on Non Sequitur 24 days ago

    i gather these two guys are a “regular” in this comic. my favorite is still Danae.

  9. Beleck3 commented on Doonesbury 24 days ago

    wow, come to think of it. the Jews/Israelis have been killing Palestinians my entire lifetime. Looking into the abyss

  10. Beleck3 commented on Doonesbury 30 days ago

    enough of Elvis please, lol