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  1. Quiet One commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn about 19 hours ago

    Panel two yesterday and today are both excellent portrayals of Phoebe and Marigold. Good artwork Dana!

  2. Quiet One commented on Ballard Street about 19 hours ago

    I like the box of dog biscuits and the one already in his hand. Bosco knows not all treats are good for you!

  3. Quiet One commented on WuMo 4 days ago

    I also like the lower chairs facing the desk. Gee, I wonder if this news comes as a surprise to him?

  4. Quiet One commented on Daddy's Home 18 days ago

    07:37am Pacific Time, 30F outside, 65F inside

  5. Quiet One commented on Daddy's Home 19 days ago

    Was a Library Assistant in elementary and middle school grades. Being an introvert, I liked the quiet time away from most of the other kids. Still read a lot… 8 books going right now but I gotta try to cut that back to 4-5 for sanity’s sake.

  6. Quiet One commented on Broom Hilda 19 days ago

    Who is this Cliff, and how does he manage to read so many books!?!

  7. Quiet One commented on Zack Hill 28 days ago

    This one made me smile… Hard to do. Such innocent pleasure and kindness in the here and now is nice to see.

  8. Quiet One commented on Ziggy about 1 month ago

    In my community there is no home delivery, everyone has to pick up their mail from their post office box. There are 4 or 5 32 gallon recycle cans filled to overflowing every day with unwanted mail, mostly advertisements.

  9. Quiet One commented on Non Sequitur about 1 month ago

    Yay! Danae is back. I was missing her alternate take on the universe.

  10. Quiet One commented on Heart of the City 3 months ago

    Ahh Heart, you’ll learn that communication is about what the listener hears, not what the speaker intends to say.