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  1. Quiet One commented on At the Zoo 5 days ago

    It’s called life long learning. Rise to the challenge and try before giving up. You might surprise yourself!

  2. Quiet One commented on Mike du Jour about 1 month ago

    Touche, Mr. Lester.

  3. Quiet One commented on HUBRIS! about 1 month ago

    Bamboo and coconuts work for some things, though. But you have to be on a deserted island after a three hour cruise.

  4. Quiet One commented on Strange Brew about 1 month ago

    Me too. Absolutely beautiful and draws you in without you realizing it.

  5. Quiet One commented on PreTeena about 1 month ago

    Way back when, the local park had teenage activities leaders to oversee us kids doing a wide variety of crafts and playing various games (lots of them weren’t athletic) all summer long. It was free too! I wish that type of stuff could still happen today.

  6. Quiet One commented on Nick and Zuzu 2 months ago

    Moms… Always ready with an encouraging word!

  7. Quiet One commented on Ozy and Millie 4 months ago

    …And the universe gets turned on it’s head once again.

  8. Quiet One commented on Luann Againn 4 months ago

    I think he works on a commission. He wants her to join the gym. The phrase sex sells works both ways.

  9. Quiet One commented on Cleats 4 months ago

    Now that’s a good friend. Gentle encouragement goes a long way. Maybe all the way around the park!

  10. Quiet One commented on Ozy and Millie 6 months ago

    Yet again, mom’s need to learn to be more specific and consider all the possible interpretations of an edict before sending it out there to their kids! Running, walking, crawling all could be avoided by using the term “enter” or “transport oneself” instead of run.