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  1. Quiet One commented on Mac 1 day ago

    And Mac is left holding the bag when the “cups” arrive!

  2. Quiet One commented on Mike du Jour 3 days ago

    Supposed to wait a half hour after eating lunch, especially after lunch at Ralph’s!

  3. Quiet One commented on Speed Bump 18 days ago

    What a pot full of bullies!

  4. Quiet One commented on Zack Hill 19 days ago

    It’s going to end up looking so good to the kids, they will all want to move in.

  5. Quiet One commented on Cul de Sac 22 days ago

    I’ve seen the same kind of thing with feral baby strollers and bike trailers. It’s amazing how much stuff their slaves can pile in them.

  6. Quiet One commented on Non Sequitur about 1 month ago

    When one steps back and looks beyond the terribleness, Danae really is quite talented.

  7. Quiet One commented on HUBRIS! about 1 month ago

    I prefer the wonky hand-lettering. I actually find it easier to read. Today’s lettering is too bunched together and angular. Just my 2 cents.

  8. Quiet One commented on Daddy's Home about 1 month ago

    Behavioral Science undergrad, then Masters Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. But the best job (of many) I had was teaching 3rd grade.

  9. Quiet One commented on Daddy's Home about 1 month ago

    Absolutely! Messes me up for a few days, twice a year.

  10. Quiet One commented on Emmy Lou about 1 month ago

    She’s hoping for a date with Charlie Brown or maybe Linus!