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  1. Quiet One commented on PreTeena 1 day ago

    Assess his mood before revealing yourself!

  2. Quiet One commented on PreTeena 9 days ago

    Back in the mid-70s, not having a snow blower, my brother and I decided to try the lawn mower to clear the snow off the sidewalk. Didn’t work to well. We thought about bending the blades a bit more but then we would have had to buy new blades to mow the lawn come spring. Back to the good old shovels!

  3. Quiet One commented on Nick and Zuzu 19 days ago

    He’s very considerate to try and keep his wife happy.

  4. Quiet One commented on Drabble 19 days ago

    What gets me is that people continue to go to Disney and, because of the lines, get to ride two or maybe three “big rides” equating to about 2-3 minutes of ride time for their $140!

  5. Quiet One commented on Domestic Abuse 3 months ago

    I like it! Timing can sometimes be so important.

  6. Quiet One commented on PreTeena 3 months ago

    It’s not real unless it’s recreated for commercialization.

  7. Quiet One commented on Baldo 3 months ago

    And look Dad, I have wood floors! Who knew?

  8. Quiet One commented on Daddy's Home 3 months ago

    34.20 and a high of 60F here while expecting a high of 85F just 15 mile away, down in the valley. I live on the top of a mountain range.

  9. Quiet One commented on Real Life Adventures 4 months ago

    He’ll get so tired, dazed, and overstimulated that he will be asleep by game time.

  10. Quiet One commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 4 months ago

    Panel two yesterday and today are both excellent portrayals of Phoebe and Marigold. Good artwork Dana!