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  1. Hawgzilla commented on For Better or For Worse 29 days ago

    Hard to believe but that show started in the ’60’s, The Big Valley. I had it bad for her and Barbara Eden.

  2. Hawgzilla commented on B.C. 29 days ago

    I haven’t shaved since 1979, trim the split ends once or twice a year, everyone either ask me if I’m Santa Claus or they bring up Duck Dynasty. My wife loves my beard and has never seen my face and plan on keeping it that way.

  3. Hawgzilla commented on Wizard of Id about 1 month ago

    Didn’t know that people were forced to read this strip. I thought if you didn’t like one you just skipped it.

  4. Hawgzilla commented on The Argyle Sweater 3 months ago

    or a big toe.

  5. Hawgzilla commented on Herman 5 months ago

    He should be glad it’s not a rectal barometer.

  6. Hawgzilla commented on Herman 6 months ago

    She’s know Jessica Rabbit but she ain’t bad.

  7. Hawgzilla commented on The Flying McCoys 6 months ago

    His parents should make him give it back.

  8. Hawgzilla commented on The Flying McCoys 6 months ago

    Gives a whole new meaning to balls deep.

  9. Hawgzilla commented on Wizard of Id 7 months ago

    Wiz is also the same size as the blue wizard now.

  10. Hawgzilla commented on In the Bleachers 8 months ago

    I coached travel ball for over 20 years the parents were by far the worst part. We had to tell parents they weren’t allowed to talk to the kids once they came through the gate and onto the field.