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  1. Dartpaw86 commented on Pluggers about 21 hours ago

    The other day someone tried to sell me a subscription to The Toronto Star.

    1- I don’t live in Toronto
    2- It’s rather sad how newspaper companies keep clinging despite the industry is almost completely dead, as everyone gets their information from The Internet now.

  2. Dartpaw86 commented on Pluggers 3 days ago

    Wearing a shirt and crossing his arms is a dead giveaway. Though otherwise they look more or less identical _

  3. Dartpaw86 commented on Pluggers 3 days ago

    “You know you’re a plugger when your Grandson says that”

    “So only Plugger kids say that? Does that mean the Family Circus kids are Pluggers? Heck my Niece and Nephew ask innocent questions like these sometimes, so are they Pluggers? Wait does that mean I’m a Plugger!?”

  4. Dartpaw86 commented on Pluggers 4 days ago

    That’s okay, you type better than most rabbits I know ;-) also most of the Targets that are closing here don’t even have the decency to slash the prices.

  5. Dartpaw86 commented on Pluggers 4 days ago

    Whenever I see these commercials they are legally obligated to tell the “bad side effects” no matter how rare they are, such as “Suicidal thoughts” or “Cancer”

    Wow… good luck selling that stuff now guys…

  6. Dartpaw86 commented on Pluggers 6 days ago

    Not Target (Canada). It sold overpriced junk, to the point where no-one was shopping there. The chain barely lasted 6 months here before closing down.

  7. Dartpaw86 commented on Pluggers 25 days ago

    Adult pluggers on the other hand talk in oddly specific exposition which is completely unnecessary and would sound awkward in normal conversation. I mean seriously. Who goes into a store and says to the cashier “Thank you for helping me find Toy Story 3 for Blu-Ray” when a simple “thank you” is good enough

  8. Dartpaw86 commented on Garfield 25 days ago

    Cats don’t need groomers. They have tongues. That’s all they need.

  9. Dartpaw86 commented on Pluggers 25 days ago

    Actually that’s what the term means. Whatever is used when a discussion comes to an end due to being not relevant anymore.

    “I went to the store and well… whatever, it’s not important”

  10. Dartpaw86 commented on Pluggers 27 days ago

    Yeah because a car locking (Tiny click) sounds exactly like a car horn (loud blare) >_<