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  1. Northern Redman commented on Michael Ramirez about 4 hours ago

    “You just stop hiring illegals”
    They no longer need to have jobs. The Federal government will take care of them with your tax dollars.

  2. Northern Redman commented on Mike Luckovich about 4 hours ago

    ♫ Raised in the woods where he screwed every tree …♫

  3. Northern Redman commented on Scott Stantis about 4 hours ago

    Thank you. As always, it’s a pleasure exchanging ideas with you.

  4. Northern Redman commented on Scott Stantis about 21 hours ago

    Should we have regulated public utilities that provide monopolistic but governmentally regulated services or not?
    I would say “not”. What we should have is regulated public utilities that compete with each other to provide services within the framework of their regulation.
    The problem with AT&T was not that it was stifling development of these technologies, but that it had a monopolistic control over access to the home consumer.
    At the time, all telecom access was via land line telephone wires which could not support the speeds and bandwidths for emerging video or high speed (relatively) data technologies. AT&T had no incentive to invest in network upgrades to the home to support services that it could not provide and would not benefit from. In addition to breaking the company into competing entities, the divestiture also changed the rules and allowed competitors to install their own network directly to the end consumer.

  5. Northern Redman commented on Ted Rall about 21 hours ago

    A ridiculous cartoon deserves a ridiculous response.

  6. Northern Redman commented on Tom Toles about 24 hours ago

    Check out the National Geographic map,
    That would be kind of how it looked at the end of the last interglacial period.

  7. Northern Redman commented on Tom Toles about 24 hours ago

    And what would be the reason for saving them, as opposed to just moving somewhere else?

  8. Northern Redman commented on Scott Stantis about 24 hours ago

    Now just who was in charge of the executive in government at that time??
    That’s not really relative. The divestiture was initiated by the filing in 1974 by the United States Department of Justice of an antitrust lawsuit against AT&T. During the intervening period, we had 4 years of the Carter administration which could have stopped it at any time.
    AT&T was broken up because it was a monopoly that was stifling competition necessary to support the video and computer technologies that were emerging at the time.

  9. Northern Redman commented on Ted Rall about 24 hours ago

    Why don’t we just turn the Middle East into a sheet of glass that can reflect the sun’s rays back into space so they don’t warm the Earth.

  10. Northern Redman commented on Jeff Danziger 1 day ago

    Well, he claims to be an independent, so why should he be able to run as a democrat. If he runs as an independent, I’ll even send him a donation.