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  1. Justin Wondga commented on Big Nate 1 day ago

    The author has told us that this the story of Nate and Trudy will have a beginning (which was the summer of him searching for Trudy and finally finding her again at school) – a middle (the trials, tribulations and joy of being a boyfriend and having a girlfriend) – and an end.

    Uh oh.

  2. Justin Wondga commented on Betty 2 days ago

    OOooohhhh, you just primed this comic book geek’s pump, Betty.

    I learned a lot from comics.

    Superman – even the most super person, the most invulnerable person has weaknesses – and your enemies will stop at nothing to exploit it. Not only be super, but be super vigilant.

    Batman – there are better methods to taking down your enemies by using guns and killing.

    Spider-man – with great power comes great responsibility.

    Iron Man – you could be super-smart and have tons of money, but that all don’t mean squat if you don’t keep and treat your friends with love and respect. And don’t use alcohol as a crutch.

    Wonder Woman – It’s ok for a woman to be strong, tall, brave and self-reliant – and leave the safety of home (despite the fact that your mother is a god and would rather see you stay home, nice and safe on the island) and take on an adventure. You can go against your parents’ wishes, just be smart about it.

    Hate! – Buddy Bradley taught me that one need not be super to be a hero. Hell, you need not be a hero to be a hero. Heck you need not have to play the hero to be the hero. Or you need not be the hero at all.

    Judge Dredd – Respect the law. Or else.

    X-Men – it’s okay to be different. Others might not like you because you are different, others may condemn you for being different. What’s important is that you use your uniqueness and different-ness as a force for good. You may not get riches, power and fame, but you’ll always find good company – and also, being different means that you are not alone, even though it often feels that way. Seek out people who are different like yourself. Be a leader.

    Teen Titans – everyone is special. Be proud, but be good.

    The Incredibles – everyone is special, which means that no one is special. Remain humble.

    Squirrel-Girl – find alternate means to vanquish your enemies over violence. And just be awesome to your friends.

    She-Hulk – The world loves a 7 foot tall, beautiful, green woman with a sense of humour.

    Hulk – Keep that temper in check, lest it rule you. You can be your own worst enemy.

    Daredevil – people with disabilities have incredible strength – never, ever underestimate them. Ever.

  3. Justin Wondga commented on Big Nate 5 days ago

    I really feel for Nate. How awful.

  4. Justin Wondga commented on Big Nate 7 days ago

    Again, Trudy is proving maturity beyond her years. Trudy is going to be very good for Nate, methinks.

  5. Justin Wondga commented on Big Nate 8 days ago

    ….aaaaand the party has just started.

  6. Justin Wondga commented on Big Nate 13 days ago

    This is proof that Trudy is being very good for Nate – he is turning into a true class act.

    Bravo, Nate. Bravo.

  7. Justin Wondga commented on Big Nate 14 days ago

    So far, Nate is doing the right thing in two ways.

    1. Declining the sixth-grade party host’s invite with tact and class.
    2. Going with Trudy to Lindsay’s party has her bf.

    I had a similar situation when I was young – I was invited to three parties on the same night. Succumbing to FOMO, what I did was manage – weakly – to attend all three.

    Let’s just say I wore myself out and I didn’t have any fun at any of the three parties. Looking back, I should have picked just one and stuck with it.

    Live and learn….

  8. Justin Wondga commented on Big Nate 16 days ago

    To the cartoonist:

    So Nate just has Harry-Potter-from-the-book-not-the-movie-styled “messy hair”. I thought that Nate sported some style of dreadlock all this time.


  9. Justin Wondga commented on Big Nate 16 days ago

    Say “Thank You”, Nate…

    Honestly? Story arcs where boyfriend/girlfriend relationships (even young ones) are put to the test always stir my emotions.

    This is going to be a big social adventure – and test – for Nate.

    I, for one, hope he passes – and survives to tell the tale.

  10. Justin Wondga commented on Big Nate 28 days ago

    This is SO much like your typical gym teacher. You think you’re doing great and then you get shot down in front of everybody.