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  1. TheIronMouse commented on Mike Luckovich about 1 year ago

    Tea party is a joke. I wish people would think forward rather then backwards (GOP and heavy right wing). If we want to save the USA.. you got to increase taxes and cut spending. If you just keep cutting and droping taxes.. the issue never goes away. The controlling factor is called inflation. We can’t stop this. Also, bring back production.. that is a BIG factor. Looks across the globe at other countries. We are a service economy and with every service economy you have large amounts of low paying jobs, unemployment.

    The problem is also the American, we are greedy, lazy (won’t work low paying jobs unless forced to..aka production jobs usually fall into this), and we have a deranged thought that the wants are the NEEDS and we are not willing to work for it.

    Thats what what made the USA strong economically early on is that we were willing to WORK HARD for what we had and willing to wait to have what we want and ensure we got our needs. Not so anymore.

  2. TheIronMouse commented on Mike Luckovich about 1 year ago

    Well after being in the industry for 15 years. Universal background checks DO work if they are done right. You DO NOT have to have universal registration for this to function.

    Also, why the gun happy retards so afraid to register their guns? You have to register your kids, your car, your marriage, your schooling, ..hell you give out your SSn number left and right for medical, credit cards,.. so whats the problem?

  3. TheIronMouse commented on Kevin Kallaugher about 1 year ago

    Well, Obama is right. We need to get this under control. More guns does not stop the issue nor curb it. No one needs an assault weapon or an assault look-a-like. What people fail to see and ignore that thanks to the movies and media, people that commit murders with these weapons have mental issues. Any Psychologist will tell you that people with issues look for things that impower.. assault weapons do this thing. Its WAY too easy to get guns and if you ever go to a gun show… just sit there and watch who buys the guns.

    Don’t know who many times I see this nice, well groomed woman buying a gun while her gang memeber boyfriend is pointing out what gun to get… the gun seller sells it to them. Or better yet you will see this very calm person..normal joe shmoe walk in, buy a assault style weapon, strap it on his/her back and all of sudden is strutting around the gun show like he is Clint Eastwood. Also if you pay attention to those buying hunting rifles, they handle it with care and their expression is of “this is great” but it is also of respect knowthing that this weapon is not a toy.

    If you watch some ding back buying a assault style weapon and watch their expresions its of “this is F&*)ng cool” and they straighten up and act like they are bad arss.

    Have to remeber folks, the 2nd Amendment gaurantees your the right to havea a gun. IT DOES NOT gaurantee you what type of gun.. nor the ammo. I have arleady talked to 2 lawyers and they said I am right. The USA Gov. Cannot take your guns and ammo a way..but THEY CAN control what type of guns you have and what type of ammo and NOT violate the 2nd Amendment>

    Kind of funny how all the PRO gun and MORON NRA people said “Obama is taking your guns away..blah blah blah”. I read the executive orders and guess what.. in no way in any form has he violated the 2nd Amendment.

    NICE try NRA and gun happy idiots… FAIL..epic level.

    You still get your guns.. just the assault ones and tools that have been used in mass killing go away.

    Its like a spoiled child .. dad give them a used Honda to go to work or to school.. the spoiled child screams. “but dad.. that doesn’t help me.. I need my Porsche”. Grow up NRA and gun happy retards.

  4. TheIronMouse commented on Kevin Kallaugher about 1 year ago

    LOL.. hate to say this.. FAIL post..very big fail. ONE, NEVER use wikipedia as a reference. NO educational institution will accept this as a valid source. Do this in School and you will get a BIG FAT F!… lol .. nice try..

  5. TheIronMouse commented on Lalo Alcaraz over 1 year ago

    Say WHAT.. what third rate education do you have?..if any? Gun Control Laws WORK.. if your theory was correct then explain to me why over 60 percent of all homicides involve guns that were LEGALLY purchased? You my friend or sad excuse for a human being. You are more concerned about having a gun then that of a life of a child. Out gun control laws are HORRIBLE and .. never mind. Your a waste of human flesh and .. just jump off the planet would ya.. thanks for spiting on the graves of children AZZhole.

  6. TheIronMouse commented on Matt Wuerker over 1 year ago

    True and to the point. God bless the Fallen.

  7. TheIronMouse commented on Glenn McCoy over 1 year ago

    Yep its the GOP that fights the gun laws and then blames it on the mental issue BUT yet shoots down any help medically for those who need it but can’t afford it.

    GO GOP.. Azzholes. I am ashamed to have registered Rep after this and seing all the hate the GOP people are posting in this time of sorrow. We are American’s… not haters.. especially in time of sorrow. To honor the fallend we must take steps to help prevent. Tighter Gun control, Tighter and harsh fines and legal action for violators, and FUND more to handling of mental health.

    OH ban all current and past Assault weapons. NO grandfathering. NO ONE but the Armed Forces and Police should have it. They are trained.. YOU are not!

  8. TheIronMouse commented on Glenn McCoy over 1 year ago

    one issue with your post. This our off instance and do not happen on regulary basis. USA has had 13 massacres in past 4 years. Failed post.

  9. TheIronMouse commented on Clay Bennett over 1 year ago

    Sigh.. agreed and we weep

  10. TheIronMouse commented on Signe Wilkinson over 1 year ago

    I saw this and grabbed my kids and cried. Have not slept well for awhile now, all I can see is the faces of terrorfied kids. God help us all to find a solution to the issue. make it fast, we can’t afford this again.