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  1. cmacres commented on Ziggy about 1 month ago

    Having driven Interstate 70 too many times from Missouri to Colorado, believe me when I tell you Kansas is toooooo long of a state and BORING to drive across until you start seeing the wind turbines. At least they break up the scenery.

  2. cmacres commented on B.C. about 2 years ago

    Sick joke

  3. cmacres commented on B.C. over 2 years ago

    And just HOW DID the bird breathe underwater???

  4. cmacres commented on The Born Loser over 2 years ago

    Take 2 Aleve, they last all day.

  5. cmacres commented on B.C. over 2 years ago

    Faith is what it is all about! Does one “keep” his or her marriage to themselves?

  6. cmacres commented on B.C. almost 3 years ago

    Great wit & wisdom today, thank you.

  7. cmacres commented on Wizard of Id almost 3 years ago

    At least it didn’t do one thing my old Magellan GPS did – “where possible make a legal U turn”. It did that to me 3 consecutive times in Branson MO a couple years ago and put me RIGHT BACK where I started. Needless to say I now own a Garmin; so far it hasn’t had me making U-Turns.

  8. cmacres commented on The Born Loser almost 3 years ago

    I watch it all the time where I live; it’s called “ME TV”. Only old shows are shown like, The Patty Duke Show, Mr. Ed, Hazel ….. Great to see something wholesome; better than the junk that is showing on today’s regular programs.

  9. cmacres commented on Marmaduke almost 3 years ago

    Even without the toys, there would not have been room for him.

  10. cmacres commented on The Grizzwells almost 3 years ago

    Gross and in poor taste