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  1. l-empress68 commented on Baldo 4 days ago

    Guys never get that. I had a (male) supervisor threaten me with “some of us have families.” I pointed out that, at a previous company, I had been feeding my family on thirteen thousand a year, when he froze the salaries.

    He never threatened me again, anyway. I was the best worker he had.

  2. l-empress68 commented on Baldo 13 days ago

    Baldo loves cars. He can’t wait to buy one of his own. And he never learned anything as simple as changing a tire?
    Illogical or not, I really enjoy this strip. 8-)

  3. l-empress68 commented on Walt Handelsman about 1 month ago

    I don’t know what difference it makes, except to the hair splitters. Even when they’re all there physically, they don’t have a quorum mentally.

  4. l-empress68 commented on Rob Rogers about 1 month ago

    Vice president? Or President in Charge of Vice?

  5. l-empress68 commented on Jeff Stahler about 1 month ago

    I guess they need higher education to figure out the (over)pricing scheme.

  6. l-empress68 commented on Baldo about 1 month ago

    Wasn’t this the theme of yesterday’s Herb & Jamaal?

  7. l-empress68 commented on Jim Morin about 1 month ago

    There was no reason for us to be in Iraq, except for some idiots who didn’t know the difference between Iraq and Afghanistan (and probably couldn’t spell it anyhow).

  8. l-empress68 commented on Rob Rogers about 1 month ago

    Harry Truman, we miss you.

  9. l-empress68 commented on Mike Luckovich about 1 month ago

    Of course he didn’t vote for Romney. No one sends absentee ballots to Afghanistan.

  10. l-empress68 commented on Bliss 2 months ago

    That’s the way Jim Henson worked. 8-)