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  1. Ppyfss commented on Stone Soup 3 days ago

    Where is it written that she bought jeans anyway. She never said that. The fact that you jumped to that conclusion just shows how much you misunderstand the situation. She didn’t buy, we don’t always buy, but nothing changes. You should have daughters, that would be the best punishment the universe could give you.

  2. Ppyfss commented on Pickles 3 days ago

    It is not just women. I know some men that are 10 times worse. Just different ideas on what is necessary and what isn’t. Reminded of the saying….The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys. Curious to see what your hoard consists of.

  3. Ppyfss commented on Elmo 4 days ago

    Nooooooo. Say it’s not so. Fix this!!! Mouse has to be okay.

  4. Ppyfss commented on Freshly Squeezed 7 days ago

    There are school districts here in Colorado that have iPads on their RECOMMENDED list. They have a few that can be loaned out but prefer the students have their own. I don’t know how anyone can afford to have school age children, much less more than one. Where do they get that kind of money?

  5. Ppyfss commented on Stone Soup 11 days ago

    I’m with you. I have never understood people that enjoy being sweaty, smelly, damp 24/7, sleep deprived because your body does not rest when it is so hot you sweat all night, so sllimy tat no one want to be near you……what is so great about being so gross day after day after day. You can’t take off enough clothes to be cool and stop being sweaty and smelly, but you can put on enough to be comfortable or warm in the winter.

  6. Ppyfss commented on Speechless 12 days ago

    He never touched the ball. If there was a branch in the way, but he could push it aside by just the way he stood that would be okay. I also agree with the grass and twigs comment by ossinigaling. By not touching he ball he is being very inventive.

  7. Ppyfss commented on Ballard Street 25 days ago

    My mom had a little pekapoo. His name was Corky. Everyone called him That Damn Dog!!!

  8. Ppyfss commented on Speechless 28 days ago

    Just because we don’t post a comment does not mean that we don’t LOVE this strip. Like other readers, this is near the end of my bunch. That just means I end on a high note before starting my day. You would be missed more than you know if you stopped. Please don’t you even consider such.

  9. Ppyfss commented on Ten Cats about 1 month ago

    My four year old Maine Coon weighs 15 and the vet says he is just fine. Male Maine Coons top out at about 22 lbs. As long as he is active and doesn’t look roly poly, you should be fine.

  10. Ppyfss commented on Red and Rover about 1 month ago

    I have one like that also. Even asks for it every morning. So lucky.