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  1. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 1 day ago

    Thank you Eldo for posting the picture of my babies. For those of you that don’t “get” Gweedo’s comment about daylight……I have lived in a dark basement for the last four years. The only time the kids saw sun, much less daylight was when I took them out in their carrier to the vet. The entire north wall of my studio is glass out onto a balcony. I am on the ninth floor so I have no view, but yes there is daylight. They do seem to enjoy it. Precious is on the cat tower a lot now. Just still wish they had actual sunshine to lay in. Oh well, maybe some day.

  2. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 15 days ago

    Thanks for the thoughts. I am still napping a lot. The body is still recovering I guess. I’m living off of TV dinners. The kitchen and bathroom are my priorities, but don’t seem to make much progress. After payday (the 3rd), I may go buy real food. The kids are doing okay. I think they assume this is temporary and that they don’t need to behave until we go back to normal. Buster does like his cat towers and even Precious has gotten on them. They are in front of the window (entire north wall is window looking out onto balcony). Nothing to see from the 9th floor but clouds, but it is different enough for him. I am still looking for stuff. I am missing shoes and trying to gather up all the clothes to go do laundry. I did find a pair of gloves I had been looking for. Just don’t know where I am going to put stuff. It really is as if I am living in a storage unit. Just wish it was better organized. We are all still getting used to the noises and smells. I hope to stop sleeping so much and get more done in the next week. My truck is still loaded to the hilt and it will take about three trips up the elevator with the grocery cart to get everything in here. There just isn’t any place to put it. I have downsized, but trying to put your entire life into a living room isn’t easy no matter how much you downsize. If you have anything of your life that is. Have put a lot out on the balcony, but will need to bring it in if the weather gets bad. Right now, it is just cool and partly cloudy. Buster mouths constantly. He is in Precious’ face to the point she can’t do anything in private. He acts more like a “watch cat” than anything. He lays between me and the door as if he is guarding me. He has done that since the first night. Precious ha found someplace to hide, but is a lot braver than I ever expected her to be. This may be good for her. Well, I need to get back at it and see if I can find a few more things. If I just knew where stuff was, it wouldn’t be so frustrating. I know, it is less than a week since I got everything over here. It will take time. At least my body seems to be okay. The doctor should be thrilled with the shape I am in when I see him early next month for my 6 month check up. With the lifting of boxes and furniture and hauling stuff up the stairs and what have you, I should be in great shape for it being less than 6 months with the new hips. I am soooo glad I have them. This would have been a nightmare without them.
    Keep thinking good thoughts. I will be thinking about all that are snowed in. I know how that feels. Later.

  3. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 19 days ago

    It is official………Everything I own is out of the basement. The friend that helped me move called it the dungeon. No, I have not unloaded the truck yet. It is loaded to the hilt and even with the grocery cart will take three or four trips up the elevator. I don’t have much of any where to put anything else as it is, so a lot may stay in the truck until I can make some room here in the studio. I will probably sleep for the next two days. My body is complaining big time as it is. If I haven’t screwed up my hips, I should be in great shape after all the lifting and shuffling and such I have done the last two weeks. I didn’t need Physical Therapy, I did my own. However, it wasn’t called PT, it was called torture. I can’t find anything and have no idea where anything is. I have a path through from the door to the balcony. I can get to the microwave, the toilet and the cats can get to their food bowls and box. At this moment, that is all. I need to find some things because I need to do laundry to have underwear or I will have to go buy some.
    I plan on hibernating and recovering for the next few days and then I will pick a spot and start in. Think good thoughts and know that the kids and I are “home”. Thank you all for the thoughts and encouragement over the last month. It has helped knowing you were all out there rooting for me.

  4. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 23 days ago

    Quick update. Buster got shut in the bathroom BY MISTAKE last night. He didn’t make enough noise for me to know that was where he was. I just assumed he was exploring. He has been on his cat towers most of the morning. He is thrilled that they made it over. I have moved some stuff already this morning and it feels a little better. Just wish I was stronger and there was more than just one of me. I need to spend time at the basement to finish up the little things to be able to return keys Monday. Wish me luck, keep thinking good thoughts, and know that I appreciate all the encouraging words.

  5. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 23 days ago

    This is why I really think my kids need sunshine.


  6. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 23 days ago

    The following is why I am so upset that I can’t give my kids sunshine. It has killed me not getting a new place with at least a little sun. People tell me the kids don’t care, but after seeing this, you can’t tell me that they don’t NEED sunshine to be happy!


  7. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 23 days ago

    Just a quick note. Sometimes, help isn’t really “help”. I have about 3 feet to turn around in. I had made a “map” of where things should be put so it would be out of the way, but available. I made a list of the things that could go out on the balcony because they were weather proof. I will spend tomorrow just trying to get a path to the microwave. I spent 35 minutes moving things so I could get to my recliner to sleep tonight. Otherwise, I would have to sleep on the floor in the hall in front of the door. What do you do when you tell someone three times where you want something and yet they still put it where they want it. Of course, they don’t have to live here or function in the chaos, so they don’t give it a second thought. What do you do with people that have a load of coats and ask where do you want these…….in the coat closet would be a good place and they look at you as if you have lost it. I can barely make it into the bathroom to go potty, the kids have their box, but I can’t get to the phone or see the TV. Still have to spend the next couple of days down at the old place taking things off of the walls and such. What do you do with someone that knows you need utensils to eat, so instead of boxing (since boxing is all they have been doing) up the silverware drawer, they bring you a set of plastic cutlery??? This is what I am dealing with. The older gentleman rearranged a lot to make it the way I had diagramed it out, but by the time he would fix one thing, he would turn around and something else was just set down where ever there was room. I appreciate his effort. If I can, I will try to get pictures. Since Gweedo is gone, I don’t know how to get them posted. We’ll see. Please keep thinking good thoughts. I have to have everything out by Monday night. So I probably won’t post or answer posts. Know that sometime before the end of the month, I will hopefully have my head above water.

  8. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 25 days ago

    Dennis, I think that clip was someone filming us the first time we borrowed the trailer. It was a comedy of errors just to get it hooked up and to the house. Everything should run a lot smoother tomorrow. With the trailer anyway. I just want to be done come this time next week. Actually, I have to be as the landlady has a cleaning crew scheduled for next Wednesday so I have to be out. My helper is having a full day as this is her daughter’s birthday, so I am on my own today, I will try to get the studio ready for what we will be bringing tomorrow. I also have to go get a refill on my pain meds. Haven’t been able to lower the dose as I had hoped, but once I am done moving I will try to get back on track. Next couple of days will be busy so keep thinking good thoughts.

  9. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 25 days ago

    You bet it helps. That is why I ask for good thoughts. It always helps. I know it will get done, just going to be a long hard road.
    Will keep you posted as best as I can. Thanks to all who do think about me.

  10. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 25 days ago

    Last week when we borrowed the trailer to do the bathroom, kitchen and living room (well, parts of anyway), a nice old lady that lives on the fifth floor, manned the downstairs security door so I could stay with the trailer while the furniture was being taken upstairs, The wife of the 70 year old sat in my apartment and kept an eye on stuff being brought up so the door could be left open. Unfortunately, she not only is allergic to cats so can’t be in my place now, she has a doctor’s appointment Thursday morning. The manager told me to “watch my neighbors” when I signed the papers to move in. Not a warm fuzzy feeling. That is why we need someone to keep an eye on things on both ends. Just not enough people to go around. We’ll figure it out somehow. Of course, just another reason I really wanted to leave this part of town. Oh well, beggers can’t be choosers.