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  1. Ppyfss commented on Herman about 3 hours ago

    We now have one in Denver and the line is always out the door and down the street. They have to have a door monitor to keep the number of people within the fire department limits. Now that’s a donut shop!!

  2. Ppyfss commented on Rubes 3 days ago

    I thought his name must be Kardashian

  3. Ppyfss commented on Dog Eat Doug 4 days ago

    The only rule in my house, and one the kids know and abide by, is NO BATH ON MOM OR ON THE BED IF MOM IS IN IT. They can give themselves a bath, just have to get down to do it. If they want to stay….tongue stays in mouth out of sight and hearing. Had that rule with all my kids and they all learn it early.

  4. Ppyfss commented on Overboard 9 days ago

    Picture with Pluto is sooooooooo precious!!!

  5. Ppyfss commented on Pluggers 9 days ago

    I’m with you. Meds not so much but allergies to drugs I need a ream of paper. So tired of playing test subject to every new med that comes out. Hate the words – side effects are minimal. Yeah, from your side but from my point of view not so sure but what side effects are worse.

  6. Ppyfss commented on Get Fuzzy 16 days ago

    Fungo wasn’t a bad character until now. What happened to make Darby decide to change him and make him so dispicable? Bucky not liking him (for no more than being a weasel) was what made this so funny. Now, with a reasonable reason not to like him, the conflict takes away from the comic and gives it a dull every day take on life. We have enough of that and come here for the total off the wall thinking that makes Bucky Bucky. If what Bucky says and thinks and does starts making sense, there is no reason to stop by. Normal everyday sensible thoughts and actions we get in the real world, why come here for more? Please put things back to where Bucky is a nut, Fungo is just a weasel and Sachel has his odd momentary flashes of brilliance. That we can enjoy. You know, a break from the real world.

  7. Ppyfss commented on Drabble 17 days ago

    You can’t imitate something you have no knowledge or experience with. You can however remember to control instinctive reactions, but ONLY if you are intelligent enough.

  8. Ppyfss commented on Diamond Lil 18 days ago

    May is how one askes permission. Mae is the correct spelling of the NAME.

  9. Ppyfss commented on Stone Soup 22 days ago

    Where is it written that she bought jeans anyway. She never said that. The fact that you jumped to that conclusion just shows how much you misunderstand the situation. She didn’t buy, we don’t always buy, but nothing changes. You should have daughters, that would be the best punishment the universe could give you.

  10. Ppyfss commented on Pickles 22 days ago

    It is not just women. I know some men that are 10 times worse. Just different ideas on what is necessary and what isn’t. Reminded of the saying….The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys. Curious to see what your hoard consists of.