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  1. Ppyfss commented on Ten Cats 2 days ago

    My four year old Maine Coon weighs 15 and the vet says he is just fine. Male Maine Coons top out at about 22 lbs. As long as he is active and doesn’t look roly poly, you should be fine.

  2. Ppyfss commented on Red and Rover 10 days ago

    I have one like that also. Even asks for it every morning. So lucky.

  3. Ppyfss commented on The Duplex 10 days ago

    You going to pay for it? It just amazes me how many people have so much money just laying around that they can go out and buy anything they want any time they want. My money goes for a roof, food and keeping my transportation barely running. If I had the money, a new car would be top on the list. Let me know when you plan on handing out all of your excess and I’ll be first in line.

  4. Ppyfss commented on Ten Cats 16 days ago

    God saw her gertting tired, a cure not meant to be, so He put his arms around her, and whispered…..
    Come with Me.

    I have read the comments for over a year, just do not comment. I have come to think of all of the group here as family. There have been times I have read the comments needing to feel better. I have loved the pics and all.
    Ruth, every one should have a friend such as you. Please do not stay away as this group needs to stay together.
    When someone dies, the one thing that changes is that there will be no new memories added to the ones we have. That makes the ones we have that much more precious.

  5. Ppyfss commented on Raising Duncan 23 days ago

    It means that after a long day, she went up to get ready for bird and her eye shadow was still there. It has staying power.

  6. Ppyfss commented on Pickles 23 days ago

    Some of us are physically incapable of doing heavy cleaning every day. Just getting dressed every day takes all the strength and energy we have on some days. We do the best we can withwhat we have. Just because we don’t do it the way you would, does not make us lazy. Walk a mile in our shoes first, then pass judgement

  7. Ppyfss commented on Pooch Cafe 23 days ago

    My four year old Maine Coon asks for his pill every morning. Helpes me remember to take mine.

  8. Ppyfss commented on Lost Sheep 23 days ago

    If it is a wasp nest, yes you can crush it, but if we are talking bees……please hire a beekeeper. We need all the bees we can get. They need to be treated as a treasure.

  9. Ppyfss commented on Get Fuzzy 25 days ago

    The vet has what is called Lab Litter. It is plastic pellets that you replace the regular litter with. You then pour the urine into a clean container and take to the vet. My boy has had problems in the past, but with the right food he is doing fine now.

  10. Ppyfss commented on Pickles 26 days ago

    My Maine Coon kittie, all 15 pounds of him, gets caught under mine every now and then.