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  1. Ppyfss commented on Ten Cats about 11 hours ago

    Precious is doing fine. She snuggled with mom all night. Mom of course slept the best in the last five days. Buster is being a pill this morning. He just sits about a foot away from er just staring. They are like little kids so you hear this soft quiet growl from Precious trying to get him to go away. I haven’t given her the daily dose of meds yet. Need to do that and then head out the door to acupuncturist and then meet Gweedo for a picnic in the park. It is hot today so hope we find some shade.
    Trying to decide if I should seperate the kids while I’m gone. Not sure if the place will still be standing when I get home. I’m just glad I have these problems. It is so good to have her home.

  2. Ppyfss commented on Ten Cats 1 day ago

    Announcement! Blood work for Precious is normal! She can come home! She will be on the new antibiotic for a little while longer, but that is all. I am going after my little girl. Thank you all so much for the prayers and good thoughts.

  3. Ppyfss commented on Ten Cats 2 days ago

    Again want to say thank you to all that have sent prayers and good thoughts over the last few days for Precious. Still break down and cry, but now they are tears of thankfulness that she is going to be okay. I feel like a kid at Christmas, I don’t feel like sleeping because I just want tomorrow to come so hopefully I can bring her home. I know that just like Christmas, the sooner I go to sleep the sooner tomorrow will get here. Will post as soon as I find out what treatment is decided on and when I can bring her home. Please continue the prayers and good thoughts that just a change in diet or something just as simple will be all that is required. Goodnight to all you wonderful people for being here with me throughout this ordeal. Knowing I wasn’t alone made it easier to cope.

  4. Ppyfss commented on Ten Cats 2 days ago

    News on Precious. What I found out this morning from the tech at the vets is the best news I could have ever gotten. When they did blood work on Precious the other day, the kidney indicators would have been ignored as being normal for a six year old cat, except she was not responding to the antibiotic she had been on for a week. If I would have taken her in, told them she was healthy but just wanted blood work done for the hell of it, they would have looked at these numbers and would have agreed that she was perfectly healthy. That means that they figure the numbers are because she was a little stressed because of the infection rather than there being a problem with her kidneys.
    That means that now getting the numbers down with the flushing of the fluids and her responding to the antibiotic, she should be as good as new when I bring her home.
    You have no idea how that makes me feel. I am so relieved! Buster was in a “mood” this morning, so he must have known.
    I’m to call them about 10 or 10:30 in the morning and by then the vet will have decided the course of action. They will have maybe taken another blood test by then.
    I didn’t sleep but about two hours last night. The way I feel now, I may take a nap. :-) :-) :-)
    Thank you all for the support you have given. It has helped get me through this trying time

  5. Ppyfss commented on Ten Cats 3 days ago

    Called the vet to check on Precious. She ate a little last night. She doesn’t eat much anyway, but eating is a good sign. With the fluids, she is peeing really good. I am on a fixed income, and a small one at that, so this is going to make things awfully tight, but my kitties come first, last and always. We live in such a throw away society it makes me angry. I’ll figure out how to survive, I love Precious and I would want someone to figure out how to take care of me rather than just throw me out. No boyfriend is worth giving up your babies. It is and always has been in my house, love me – love my kids. If not, the door is real easy to find.
    Please continue the prayers and good thoughts for Precious. Vet is closed tomorrow, but I requested an update call. I will then call Monday morning to see how things are going. House is empty and quiet even though she is a quiet Kittie. Just knowing she isn’t here makes it hard. Buster wants held all the time. He jumps at the slightest noise. He still thinks she is out in the hall and tries to get out there to check.
    It helps my mind set knowing how many of you are out there pulling for my girl. Thank you. I could not do this on my own.

  6. Ppyfss commented on Ten Cats 4 days ago

    When Annie’s prince does come, if he really is her prince, he will love the kitties as much as she does and she won’t have to leave them. Those are the only princes that are worth having.

  7. Ppyfss commented on Ten Cats 4 days ago

    Rikkie Tavi – having her on the drip all day yesterday was the best thing for her since she hadn’t been drinking. It made her pee real good when she finally did last night. They are keeping her for the next couple of days because they are going to keep her on a drip. I’m with QueenofAmerica that I would rather they keep her for a couple of days and make sure she is okay rather than just send her home with a “hope it all works out”. Needless to say, I will do whatever I have to for the rest of her life. If is having her on a drip, special food, shots, special meds, whatever. I have done it before. Buster requires a prednisone pill every day since they took his eye and he is on special food so he won’t create crystals in his urine. Yep, fun household I have. We won’t even go into what I have to do just to get dressed everyday. I will have to make special arrangements later this year when I have surgery to make sure that Buster gets his pill and food so I will just have to make sure arrangements are made for Precious whatever it is she needs. They are my kids. They are all I have so I will do whatever it takes. It is so hard not to pick up the phone and call the vet every few hours to see how she is. Of course, they will get a call in the morning. Keep thinking good thoughts.

  8. Ppyfss commented on Ten Cats 4 days ago

    Before I give the update on Precious, I want Starman to know that I have not been oblivious to your lose. My condolences to you and your family. To all of you that have sent good thoughts, prayers and words of encouragement, thank you so much. The vet said she did not eat at all yesterday or last night. However, being in a kennel they aren’t worried. They gave her fluids, but she has a shy bladder and held it in for close to 10 hours. When she did pee she peed a lot. There were some red and white blood cells in it. They did change her antibiotic and sounded more optimistic than they did yesterday. Last night was the longest night I have spent in a long time. Bjstr keeps wanting to get out because he thinks she must be out in the hall because he can’t find her anywhere. I will check on her again in the morning. They talk as if they will keep her until all the signs of infection are either gone or definitely under control. Please continue the prayers and good thoughts. I know it helps me knowing that so many are pulling for for her. I thank Graham for allowing us to have this forum to support each other. It makes the world a better place for all of us. Again, thank you all for your support.

  9. Ppyfss commented on Ten Cats 5 days ago

    Update on Precious. She has the beginnings of kidney problems. They will keep her for the next there days on fluids and change the antibiotic. The indicators in her blood are the ones that show up first so if we caught it in time the prognosis won’t be so bad. Years ago I had a cat that had kidney problems. One type in on kidney and a completely different type in the other kidney. They gave her 6 months to live but she fooled us all and lived 14 more years. That is one reason I am hanging on to any and all good news about Precious. If they get the bleeding in her kidneys to stop, get her hydrated and make sure there isn’t anymore infection we’ll have to decide what course of treatment to take then. I know I’m a basket case, but my babies are all I’ve got. Please continue the prayers and good thoughts. It is going to be awfully lonely around here with her at the vets for three days. Buster can’t figure out just what is going on. If anything changes, I’ll let everyone know. Thank you all for your support. It means the world to me.

  10. Ppyfss commented on Ten Cats 6 days ago

    Headed out the door to the vet. She did eat and drink a little this morning and as far as I know it stayed down. However, she hasn’t peed for two days. Want to make sure she is hydrated and the antibiotics worked. Should know more later. Keep up the good thoughts please. I know they help.