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  1. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 9 days ago

    I had put off having Precious’ teeth cleaned because I was terrified of what could happen. When I finally gave in, I think I held my breath until I heard they were done and she was okay. Am sending a big hug and good thoughts. Take time to cry. If someone thinks you shouldn’t hurt so much…..punch them in the nose! You’ll feel better. :-) :-)

  2. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 9 days ago


  3. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 19 days ago

    Eldo suggested I share this.

    My mother the cat.
    Buster is a MALE, 14 pound, one eyed, six-year-old Maine Coon. I felt that I need to get that straight right up front.
    He comes and paws my hair about 7 each morning. No claws. He (and Precious) have food and water out 24/7, so it isn’t that he is wanting fed. Please remember that through all of the following. Even if I just get up and go to the bathroom and lay down again, he stops bugging me. He will not stop until I get up, no matter what I do once I get up. He doesn’t care as long as I get up.
    Okay, 7 am (plus or minus 10 minutes), Buster comes and paws the top of my head. If I get up he stops “bugging”. If I don’t get up, he lays on the arm of the chair and puts one paw on my face, until I get up. I usually fix a cup of coffee, but I don’t eat right away.
    Sometime around 9am, he will get up from where ever he is sleeping and come “get in my face”. If I go into the kitchen, he goes back to where he was and goes back to sleep. I fix something to eat sometime between 9 and 11 every day. If I have already eaten by 10, I don’t see him. However, if I haven’t eaten, he bugs every hour until I do.
    About 3 or 4 in the afternoon he comes and gets in my face again. Sometimes I can put him off until 6, but not always. He will walk around the place “singing the song of his people” with so many different vocalizations it is hard to describe. He will keep it up for as long as 20 minutes some times. If I go into the kitchen (even if I don’t fix something to eat) he is usually okay.
    About 9 pm, no later than 10, he will come get in my face again. He will not leave me alone until I get ready for the night or turn off TV. I am allowed to read if the TV is off. That is until about midnight. If I am still up at that time, here he comes again mouthing and in my face so I can’t read. If I shut things down, he goes into the bathroom sink again and goes to sleep. That is until around 7 the next morning when we start it all over again.
    If I leave during the day, I can hear him “mouthing” as I wait for the elevator. When I get home he is usually at the door and if I feel the rug right at the door there is usually a warm spot.
    He is not really a “lap” cat, but when it is cooler, he will lay in my lap for about 5 minutes. He puts out a lot of heat, so doesn’t stay long.
    He makes sure I get up, that I eat and that I go to bed every day. I don’t need an alarm clock.
    There is no way I could do without him.
    Precious wants to be held every time I sit down during the day and sleeps on my shoulder all night long. She is soft and sweet and keeps my blood pressure down.
    Don’t need much more than the two of them.
    I thought I was a capable, competent adult and could take care of myself, at least dress and feed myself, but I guess Buster doesn’t see it that way.
    Oh well.

  4. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 26 days ago

    It’s always good to be wanted. :-)

  5. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats about 1 month ago

    “Kids” and I are holding up. Nothing on the “home” front yet. The new owners are to close today. May find out later this week how long I have before being homeless. Keep thinking good thoughts. Will keep you posted.

  6. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats about 1 month ago

    I adopted Buster when he just over a year old. He is missing an eye, but is just perfect in my book. There are people out there that see beyond the “differences”. Just have to find the right person for the right cat. Let his true personality shine and he will be perfect in someone’s eyes, even it is only yours.

  7. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats about 1 month ago

    For all cat lovers.

  8. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats about 1 month ago

    Eldo suggested I share this. I don’t know what I would do without my kids.

    About 4 to 5 months ago I got a cheap treat ball thinking it would interest Buster. It has to be rolled quite a bit as it only has one hole for the treats to drop out of. It has a tower in the center with a small hole that the treats come out of into the main part of the ball. That way it takes a lot of rolling in the right directions to get treats to fall completely out. I showed it to him. He thought the treats were great. I even took his paw and showed him he could roll it and get treats. Nothing! I would end up kicking it every now and then because it would be in the way and if treats fell out, he was happy. I could fill it and it would be weeks before it would need filling again. Well, I don’t know what happened, but the first of this week he figured out he could roll it by himself and treats would fall out. FINALLY!! He emptied it almost immediately!
    The first day, I filled it again. Put it on the floor and figured he would get to it later. He emptied it immediately.
    Now I only fill it once of a morning and when he empties it, it goes up on the counter waiting until the next morning. He ignores it once it stops making noise with treats inside anyway, so there is no point in it being on the floor to get stepped on.
    I had wondered why he couldn’t figure it out. He lost his left eye due to trauma, his left shoulder bothers him and I have wondered it he might have been hit or something and had some mild brain damage. Maybe he does, but HE CAN LEARN!!! YEA!
    I use cheap dry food instead of expensive treats, but he thinks they are special. It is funny to watch him roll and wallow it to death all in the space of about 5 minutes every morning. I was hoping he would get more exercise from it, but as it is there isn’t much floor space so he couldn’t do much anyway.
    At least, it is finally doing what I bought it for.

  9. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats about 1 month ago

    Okay, all cat owners can relate to this…….you brush your teeth in the kitchen sink because there is a cat sleeping in the bathroom sink. Buster has taken over the bathroom sink since it got hot earlier this year. Yes, I have had to brush my teeth in the kitchen sink more than once. Laugh all you want, but they are my babies and I won’t disturb them.

  10. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats about 1 month ago

    Update on Beth. She didn’t have a good night. Rehab isn’t known for being restful. Doc told her she could go home when she feels up to it. I know she just doesn’t want to go home and then have to go back into rehab. Please send her good thoughts. Her phone number now is 731-541-4204.