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  1. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 5 days ago

    Caerin, I use Moose juice for my kid Buster. He gets crystals in his urine and to keep the trips to the vet to a minimum, he gets Moose juice every night before bed. He loves it and that way he pees more and no trip to the vet. I am so glad that Queen of America shared her secret.

  2. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 6 days ago

    Hang in there, we are all rooting for you.

  3. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 10 days ago

    I used to have a cat that had asthma. The first time she had an attack it scared me to death. She lived to be 18 years old and we always got though it. I think I was always afraid she was allergic to me.

  4. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 11 days ago

    I sent the pic of the feral kitty to a friend that two days a week with other volunteers feed feral cats. She had to yesterday, they fill in for each other if something comes up. She is a sweetheart. She is the lady that has offered me a roof.

  5. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 12 days ago

    Not helping kiddo. I hate flying and I have to fly at Christmas. Tried to get out of it, but couldn’t. I am always glad to get back home.
    My heart aches for Paris and all of mankind. Why do humans have to be the worst creatures on this earth. We need more Annies, Grahams, and Queens among a few others. Just wish they weren’t so few.

  6. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 13 days ago

    Today is the last odd day of this century. You know, where the month, day and year are all odd numbers and are in a row. 11/13/15 Won’t work for the countries that put the month second. Anyway, there won’t be another one until January 3, 2105. I don’t think I will be around then, so……everyone, enjoy today being an ODD DAY. As if most of mine aren’t anyway.

  7. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 15 days ago

    New one (Windows 10 already in) has been great. A little learning curve from XP (which I dearly love), but now everything is smooth as glass. Just glad I have one that works. Been keeping it smokin’ looking up places to live. Nothing so far. Assessor was here yesterday. Didn’t say much about my area. If he has half a brain, he will realize that it isn’t habitable. We’ll have to see.

  8. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 19 days ago

    You might check out a exercise machine that you can sit on and yet move your legs. I have what is called a Life Rider. You sit on it as you would a bike but the movement is more like a rowing machine. That way your legs are only going out and back.
    The physical therapy department at rehab had a machine that did the same thing, except the arms moved opposite rather than together at the same time like my machine. Check with a fitness center and see if they have something like that. Not having the weight on the joints, but moving the legs to keep the muscles strong is perfect. Also, do ask about isometric exercises to work the muscles round your knees. Years ago, I had injured my knee, had shots that helped, but they taught me exercises to work the muscles without working the entire leg. There are ways to get things done. Just takes some inventive thinking, Good luck.

  9. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 19 days ago

    My hips had been bone on bone for so long that my left one had started to fuse. You are correct, when they are that far gone, not much to be done but surgery. Glad you have new ones. I love my new hips.

  10. Ppyfss GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 19 days ago

    You are preaching to the choir there kiddo. Before surgery it was difficult to just make it to the bathroom, much less walk anywhere. Unfortunately, in my case, losing weight didn’t do a thing for my hips. It may have helped my knees, but they aren’t in that bad of shape. If I take care of them from here on out, they should be okay for awhile. I was told that for a 64 year old woman, they look pretty good. Sometimes I wonder if the friction of walking really does help. I have friends a lot younger than I that are runners and they are having or have had knee surgery. Gotta wonder about the suggestions. Sometimes I think it is what it is and there is only so much you can do. Walking helps other things, such as mood and does help me with weight loss. I am a believer in the motto “keep moving or you may not be able to later on”. That is one reason I tried to do as much as I could even with the pain prior to surgery. Believe it or not, just crunching your muscles when you are sitting and moving your legs (in mid air even) helps as long are you are moving. With time you can do some of that moving with weight on the joints, but for right now, just make sure that when you are sitting, you don’t sit still. I know that sounds crazy, but fidgeting really does work. Not only do you use calories, but you are using your muscles. The one that helped me the most because of my hips was “butt crunches”, You can do those watching TV. Just remember, if I can do it, anyone can. I’ll be right there with you in spirit, Any time you need encouragement, just let me know.
    They couldn’t get over how much I was able to move after surgery. I really think it was because I moved (even when sitting) as much as I did before surgery, That way, the muscles were used to it when I really needed them,