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9 Chickweed Lane by Brooke McEldowney

9 Chickweed Lane

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  1. KayKayJam commented on Aunty Acid 16 days ago

    Caffeine free herbal tea for me please. Enjoying a cup of Celestial Seasonings “Tension Tamer” tea :)

  2. KayKayJam commented on Half Full 26 days ago

    The fruitcakes in my country are nice and soft. You blend the fruits, which include Raisins, Currants, Cherries and prunes before adding it to the batter. I soak my fruits in wine for a year before i use it :)

  3. KayKayJam commented on Aunty Acid about 1 month ago

    True. My cousins and I were great friends as kids and although we live in different countries, we still have fun when we get together.

  4. KayKayJam commented on Off the Mark about 1 month ago

    I love my own fruitcake but as far as I know, the fruitcake in my country is different from what I always see Americans portray as fruitcake. My raisins and currants have been soaking for a year so I’m baking this weekend, lol.

  5. KayKayJam commented on Half Full 3 months ago

    I don’t get it……

  6. KayKayJam commented on Imagine This 5 months ago

    I actually forgot about this comic strip….

  7. KayKayJam commented on Luann Againn 5 months ago

    This was me when i was in high school, lol

  8. KayKayJam commented on Pearls Before Swine 5 months ago

    I use Good Reads to keep track of what I’ve read.

  9. KayKayJam commented on Lola 6 months ago

    So her son’s name is Ray Rayder? I hope we see Max again

  10. KayKayJam commented on On A Claire Day 6 months ago

    I planned on rereading the strip so i’m happy that the reruns are now back in my line up :)