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  1. sundogusa commented on Dick Tracy 8 days ago

    Get her a blanket…Oh nevermind.

  2. sundogusa commented on Tarzan 8 days ago

    said with a straight face…

  3. sundogusa commented on For Better or For Worse 8 days ago

    Age 5, cooking eggs! Taught my grandkids how to cook on camping trips. I’ve created monsters! The moms like it except for clean up. The kids did not retain that learning!

  4. sundogusa commented on Tarzan 9 days ago

    I can just hear Johnny Weissmuller now…

  5. sundogusa commented on Tarzan 12 days ago

    Another one bites the dust! Lion-Killer! Next thing you know some dentist will kill a lion…

  6. sundogusa commented on Dilbert Classics 14 days ago

    There’s only 8 colors in my crayon box. Add in dark and light and I get 16.

  7. sundogusa commented on Dilbert Classics about 1 month ago

    Throw in a few senators and congressmen/women and a few white house occupants.

  8. sundogusa commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 1 month ago

    As kids, we could get under the front porch. The dirt was fine. We dug a hole about 8’ deep all the way to the house foundation. We didn’t know it was the footing. We told dad we hit cement. We had a step ladder under there so we could go to the bottom. Dad was not happy. He made us fill it in. Looking back we were pretty lucky there was no collapsing of the walls!

  9. sundogusa commented on For Better or For Worse about 1 month ago

    At a wedding reception: The DJ says, gentlemen please hand the flowers on the table to the prettiest lady at your table. The totally inebriated man hands the flowers to the prettiest lady at his table. His wife didn’t think it was funny and let him and everyone else know. Moral of story: Yes dear, YOU are the prettiest.

    Danger, danger John. Think before answering!

  10. sundogusa commented on Tarzan about 1 month ago

    Why do I feel like letting loose a Monday morning “bull ape that has killed” victory cry?