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  1. vehr commented on Fred Basset 11 months ago

    The characters look to be drawn a bit different today. Look at his head for example… it looks thinner. I suspect a substitute artist.

  2. vehr commented on Wizard of Id about 1 year ago

    that block has a dip just like a guillotine. for the old fashion chopping block, the top must be flat so the blade can cut through. the block as shown will allow the neck to escape the blade. but perhaps that’s the point.

  3. vehr commented on In the Bleachers about 1 year ago

    it’s a contest. the best “fill in the caption” wins.

  4. vehr commented on Ziggy about 1 year ago

    Right… Not so much tanned as taupe.

  5. vehr commented on Fred Basset over 1 year ago

    You should not leave children or pets alone inside a car in the Summer months.

  6. vehr commented on Fred Basset almost 3 years ago

    The pulled muscle is a story line on the weekday comic. Sunday is different… it has the same characters, but separate and unrelated events.

  7. vehr commented on Luann almost 3 years ago

    my GAYDAR is going off

  8. vehr commented on Pluggers about 3 years ago

    it’s like Goofy and Pluto, if you’re old enough to remember that.

  9. vehr commented on Pluggers over 3 years ago

    This reminds me of Goofy and Pluto…
    A cartoon dog that has a pet dog.


  10. vehr commented on Luann over 3 years ago

    Rosa’s thighs grew a lot in the third pannel