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  1. emptc12 commented on Nick Anderson 2 days ago

    It’s like those knock-off watches that are cheaply made but look very close externally to the original — the nameplate having a clever bogus name: Rollex instead of Rolex; Humilton instead of Hamilton; Carter instead of Cartier; Seka instead of Seiko.

  2. emptc12 commented on Tom Toles 2 days ago

    Everything but the “moo.”

  3. emptc12 commented on Ted Rall 2 days ago

    Trump Era Public Media: A pitiful, blind helpless giant, buried in the sediment of old concepts. It CAN happen here — and is happening right now. Concerned with profits, prophets go unheeded. Infotainment has tainted coverage of the real news. Get rid of the pretty-boy and pretty-girl news readers and get real Reporters.

  4. emptc12 commented on Jack Ohman 3 days ago

    Uh oh, his Trumpness saw the “Iron Man” movies recently and that’s given him grandiose ideas. According to unreliable sources, “Commando Cody” was his favorite movie serial when he was a kid.

  5. emptc12 commented on Jeff Danziger 3 days ago

    It can now be told: The Chinese learned much about the English from watching “Monty Python.” (It was Mao’s favorite show.) This gave them the confidence to snag Richard Nixon and Kissinger into “ping-pong diplomacy.”


    Then along came “Saturday Night Live,” with its insightful view of American presidents Ford, Carter, and Reagan, and our politics in general. It’s no coincidence that SNL has been around roughly since China started its inscrutable rise to world power. In factoid, the old Mr. Bill skits were China’s idealization of an eventual U.S.- China relationship.


    It’s all so clear, now that you think of it. (-

  6. emptc12 commented on Aunty Acid 3 days ago

    And that’s not counting the time it took to open the blister pack, then administering first aide when you stabbed yourself with the scissors. Good thing you didn’t use the butcher knife. Or the chain saw.

  7. emptc12 commented on Steve Breen 4 days ago

    So … and what is HUD spelled backwards?

  8. emptc12 commented on Matt Bors 4 days ago

    Melania and Mikhail have been very patient until now. They will awaken and complete their mission at the word …

  9. emptc12 commented on Henry Payne 4 days ago

    “There is the executive suite at the new Trump hotel right down the street from the White House….”


    Very good. You were very quick on the uptake. Oh, please, somebody make a fake news article that Trump made the offer!

  10. emptc12 commented on Henry Payne 4 days ago

    Why doesn’t Obama move out early and just rent a hotel room somewhere? So inconsiderate of him to keep His Trumpness waiting.