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  1. emptc12 commented on Joe Heller about 11 hours ago

    Not to mention Polyticks.

  2. emptc12 commented on Sarah's Scribbles about 14 hours ago

    “Before there was Wikipedia, I would look up stuff in encyclopedias…”
    Me, too. We couldn’t afford a set of encyclopedias so I went to the library to use the ones there. Then my parents saved to buy the 1960 World Book set, and I read them morning, noon, and night.
    The neat thing about encyclopedias in book form is that the entries were alphabetical, not by subject, so entirely different subjects were adjacent to the ones I was reading. So then, in haphazard fashion, I got to learn about disparate things.
    I still remember certain entries from those World Book volumes and wish I could feel again those first thrilling pleasures in learning new things.
    The Internet has it good features for me, also. It serves as an “exobrain.” I type in the bits of things I remember incompletely, and up comes suggestions from Google. So, although I still long for books to hold, I’m not to old to appreciate the new technology.
    Thanks for helping to bring up pleasant memories.

  3. emptc12 commented on Sarah's Scribbles about 16 hours ago

    It’s like eating a bowl of spaghetti that’s one long noodle. Or would it be a bowl of spaghetto?

  4. emptc12 commented on Jim Morin about 16 hours ago

    Sic transit gloria mundi. (or whatever that would be in Greek). What will our ruins present?

  5. emptc12 commented on B.C. about 16 hours ago

    Thanks for the correction.

  6. emptc12 commented on Nancy about 16 hours ago

    And the second rock for Nancy, and the third for Aunt Fritzi.

  7. emptc12 commented on Nancy Classics about 16 hours ago

    Ironically, it’s the young Dr. Heimlich. It’s how he discovered his Maneuver.

  8. emptc12 commented on Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal about 16 hours ago

    Or, he can look up the latest “Love is …” cartoon on his Bat-Pod. Or, “Rose is Rose,” if he isn’t diabetic.

  9. emptc12 commented on B.C. about 16 hours ago

    “It’s only a thin mint, sir.”
    “Oh, s***! It’s Mr. Creosote!”

  10. emptc12 commented on Sarah's Scribbles 1 day ago

    Now tell her, “Criticism completes me.”