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  1. Stanlexx commented on Lio almost 3 years ago

    A gin trap! (Tee hee hee!)

  2. Stanlexx commented on MythTickle almost 4 years ago

    There is a large rock in a rest area not far from where I live. It has a hole you can walk into and travelers leave coins there for good luck on the road. It was indeed lucky for one guy I knew who stopped regularly on his way past in the dead of night… (I’m a coin leaver, myself)

  3. Stanlexx commented on Smith over 4 years ago

    And a very topical poem it is for people on the other side of the world. Not so much here in New Zealand. :)

  4. Stanlexx commented on Lio over 4 years ago

    He’s bidding goodbye to Maurice Sendak, the great creator of monsters for children. It’s Max in the boat from “Where the Wild Things Are.”

  5. Stanlexx commented on Heart of the City over 4 years ago

    Neither have I, which is lucky because I never even came close to grasping the concept.

  6. Stanlexx commented on Doonesbury almost 5 years ago

    Not in this house. That’s the funniest thing this woman has seen all day.

  7. Stanlexx commented on Smith almost 5 years ago

    “’fev vers”= “Feathers”