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  1. BridgeGuy commented on For Better or For Worse over 7 years ago

    atajayhawk - is that in any way related to the fact that all my black socks have holes in them?

  2. BridgeGuy commented on For Better or For Worse over 7 years ago

    @ Vote: As I understand it, these aren’t reruns in the sense that they’re just cut-and-pasted from an old paper. From the FBorFW.com site: “Lynn is presently enjoying semi-retirement as she handpicks select FBorFW strips to be re-published in the newspapers and fills in the original stories with new art and insights.”

  3. BridgeGuy commented on FoxTrot Classics over 7 years ago

    … and here I was worried about the pain Jason is in - a face full of dirt and 500 rubberbands snapping him in the a$$ …

  4. BridgeGuy commented on Close to Home over 7 years ago

    Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you…

  5. BridgeGuy commented on Real Life Adventures over 7 years ago

    unless his belt is ridin’ about mid-thigh, he’s just a wannabe.

  6. BridgeGuy commented on Tank McNamara over 7 years ago

    “They should have stopped that game at half-time, and said: Good Game!”

    IIRC, there is no “mercy rule” in HS sports, so there is no way to stop the game.

    That said, the coach could have shown mercy and pulled the starters well before the 4th quarter