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  1. arlo77 commented on That is Priceless almost 3 years ago

    Leo X was the last Pope who wasn’t a priest. He was also an atheist and gay. How did he become Pope? His family hadmoney and political power.

  2. arlo77 commented on The Elderberries over 3 years ago

    There’s always one in every group.

  3. arlo77 commented on Bluebonnets over 3 years ago

    Sounds like something Monty Python would do.

  4. arlo77 commented on Daddy's Home over 3 years ago

    In the first panel, the Dad says "Don’t forget to “6ne” that note to your teacher." Is that a misprint or some new kind of textspeak?

  5. arlo77 commented on Brevity over 3 years ago

    It is JM (not JIM) J Bullock

  6. arlo77 commented on The Elderberries almost 4 years ago

    First woman I ever knew who knew what really works.

  7. arlo77 commented on The Meaning of Lila about 4 years ago

    I’d give her all the candy she wanted, and anything else

  8. arlo77 commented on The Middletons over 4 years ago

    Any flea that bites the old bat is a goner!

  9. arlo77 commented on Ginger Meggs over 4 years ago

    cogito cogito ergo sum, cogito
    i think, i think therefore i am, i think

  10. arlo77 commented on Rose is Rose almost 5 years ago

    My place to be stuck in a blizzard would be Barnes and Nobles—most of them have a Starbucks inside