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  1. foreseer2 commented on ViewsAsia over 2 years ago

    Brilliant and so true.

  2. foreseer2 commented on Mike Luckovich over 2 years ago

    OK – three Israeli teens get killed. In retribution, a Muslim teen gets burned alive. Could they just leave it at that? The numbers show that Israelis are much more effective at killing residents of the Gaza Strip than vice versa – right? Why, because the residents of the Gaza Strip are not safe anywhere they go – even three kids playing on a beach? This conflict is clearly insane and efforts on both sides to justify what is happening is very tiresome.

  3. foreseer2 commented on Mike Lester over 2 years ago

    Misleading comic – the children are all alive. Somehow I think if you showed dead children, it wouldn’t be so “funny.”

  4. foreseer2 commented on Henry Payne over 2 years ago

    Running over 2 year olds is not funny – and it happens often enough to be a safe issue – those of you how hate “unnecessary regulations.”

  5. foreseer2 commented on Glenn McCoy almost 3 years ago

    Paranoid view of the world, which totally ignores how difficult it is to get anything through a divided Congress.

  6. foreseer2 commented on Robert Ariail about 3 years ago

    Violence against women is never funny!

  7. foreseer2 commented on Mike Lester about 3 years ago

    Let’s just reinstitute slavery and then employers can dispense with pay and benefits entirely. Why do we need to supplement profitable businesses through social welfare services for their employees.

    Employers also say that high wages will means few jobs and put them out of business, but I just see fatter profits. We are paying more for everything every day. However, does business expect us to continue to pay unless pay increases with inflation and productivity improvements.

  8. foreseer2 commented on Michael Ramirez almost 4 years ago

    Dishonest – the cartoonist is just talking about murders with guns – and discounting the suicides, which are just as lethal. A classic example of lying with statistics.