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  1. Hephaesta commented on Pearls Before Swine about 1 year ago

    Another comic I love to read is called “Order of the Stick” and all of the characters are stick figures. One time he actually drew just to prove he could and that the regular stick figures are part of his artistic choice: OOTS 339

  2. Hephaesta commented on Lio over 1 year ago

    He had to run the cable in since they were in a dead zone.

  3. Hephaesta commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 2 years ago

    How like a guy to measure 2 inches and call it 9.

  4. Hephaesta commented on Ink Pen over 2 years ago

    That would be My Super Ex-Girlfriend with Uma Thurman :)

  5. Hephaesta commented on Pearls Before Swine over 2 years ago

    I don’t think the cops are going to be able to help:
    Argyle Sweater

  6. Hephaesta commented on Brevity over 2 years ago

    After you buy one are you a half buck poorer or do you still have half a buck?

  7. Hephaesta commented on F Minus over 2 years ago

    They just need Lio to come to their pet store.

  8. Hephaesta commented on Pearls Before Swine over 2 years ago

    Go do a Google images search on Stephen Pastis. You’ll see he’s actually rather fit. IIRC, he’s made a comment in one of his treasuries that he doesn’t smoke even though he generally shows himself smoking.

  9. Hephaesta commented on Brevity almost 3 years ago

    But was he an offensive rebound?

  10. Hephaesta commented on Real Life Adventures almost 3 years ago

    Maybe you have a brake that is slightly sticking, causing it to constantly rub. That will generate heat in the brake that can affect the tire temp. That will also lead to reduced braking ability. He may have a serious safety issue and she is mocking him. Guess she doesn’t care if he lives or dies…