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  1. Benny Green commented on B.C. 3 days ago


  2. Benny Green commented on B.C. 3 days ago

    Getting up at 2 am and changing the clock isn’t so bad, but after I change the batteries in both smoke detectors I’m wide awake.

  3. Benny Green commented on Stone Soup Classics 6 days ago

    I didn’t save enough either. But when I retired at 65 I decided to downsize my standard of living to fit what I had. It has been a very pleasant 12 years since. I do volunteer work at the food pantry for a hobby.

  4. Benny Green commented on Real Life Adventures 6 days ago

    If you watched the debates with an open mind you would have seen the questions were designed to elicit exactly the responses you are complaining about. Chris Christie, who may or may not be the best candidate, pointed this out several times during the debates. “ISIS is killing people all over the world, and you want to talk about Fantasy Football????”

  5. Benny Green commented on The Other Coast 6 days ago

    …….or, the rest of the bag.

  6. Benny Green commented on Jeff Stahler 6 days ago

    It’s not the little boys, people. It’s the terrorists who have already said they are trying to infiltrate the refugee crowd. Wise up!

  7. Benny Green commented on Dilbert Classics 7 days ago

    I admired the Polaroid business model. Give the cameras away practically free, then charge $1 a shot for the film cartridges.

    Whoops! The computer printer people copied that strategy.

  8. Benny Green commented on The Other Coast 7 days ago

    Pepper is so happy! They are installing five new fire hydrants on our walk route.

  9. Benny Green commented on Phil Hands 7 days ago

    Ignorance is thriving here.

  10. Benny Green commented on 2 Cows and a Chicken 9 days ago

    I never understood why it isn’t called foon.