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  1. Leshka commented on Close to Home 3 days ago

    Funny how Halloween is the only time I DON’T eat candy. I’m too busy putting the final touches on my costume. I’d go broke if Halloween happened once a month and I needed a different costume.

  2. Leshka commented on The Knight Life 5 days ago

    Love that it’s a lesbian relationship!

  3. Leshka commented on Close to Home 5 days ago

    I remember one flight on a puddle jumper; I don’t even remember the cities (probably Chicago and a defunct airport in WI,) just the flight. My mom and I were in the front row. There was a lot of turbulence, but it was fine because I could see the pilots and they were calm. Then the flight attendant closed the door between us and them and I started silently panicking. It felt like my stomach was going up and down 10 feet at a time. I remember literally kissing a chair (I didn’t want to kiss the floor) in the arrivals terminal because we were on terra firma. And people wonder why I hate flying.

  4. Leshka commented on Lalo Alcaraz 8 days ago

    It’s those high heels he was wearing to appear taller.

  5. Leshka commented on Super-Fun-Pak Comix 11 days ago

    Ruben, you should know better. $9.50? In NYC it’s easily 18.00! Which is another reason I don’t go to movies often. :)

  6. Leshka commented on Boomerangs 12 days ago

    Seriously, sock bumps are SOOOO annoying! I don’t care if I’m late, I’ll take my shoe off to fix the sock.

  7. Leshka commented on Super-Fun-Pak Comix 19 days ago

    Hey, I name inanimate objects all the time. It forces my superiority on them. Unless the name is “&%^$ &$&^$ %$#$#%*” ; then they’ve forced their superiority on me.

  8. Leshka commented on Barkeater Lake 24 days ago

    Because Brooklyn is awesome! And I’m also allergic to my own sweat, so at least I can have fun while trying to ignore the itching all over. :)

  9. Leshka commented on Super-Fun-Pak Comix about 1 month ago

    I’ve actually never heard that before, and I’m stealing it…

  10. Leshka commented on Barkeater Lake 5 months ago

    Not that I remember anyone’s name, but that’s the kid of the guy sitting right there.