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  1. Leshka commented on Super-Fun-Pak Comix 4 days ago

    I’ve actually never heard that before, and I’m stealing it…

  2. Leshka commented on Barkeater Lake 4 months ago

    Not that I remember anyone’s name, but that’s the kid of the guy sitting right there.

  3. Leshka commented on Brian McFadden 4 months ago

    Reorganizing the VA – Veterans’ Affairs

  4. Leshka commented on The Knight Life 5 months ago

    I don’t want my own children, can I just have him?

  5. Leshka commented on Chuckle Bros 5 months ago

    Yes, it can. The only thing that will stop a cartoon is if the editors deem it necessary. If that doesn’t happen upon submission, it’ll only happen when there’s a seriously tragic event that coincides with the strip. While Rooney’s death was sad, it wasn’t natural/man-made disaster tragic.

  6. Leshka commented on Strange Brew 5 months ago

    This isn’t too far from the truth. In NYC, the Fox building is only a few blocks from the Ripley’s museum in Times Square…

  7. Leshka commented on Barney & Clyde 8 months ago

    Hey, as long as you don’t touch me or say anything stupid (which is anything,) look as much as you want.

  8. Leshka commented on Rubes 8 months ago

    There was an X-Files episode where Mulder asks a genie for peace on earth and she grants it by getting rid of everyone else in the world. Technically, it’s doable…

  9. Leshka commented on Liberty Meadows 9 months ago

    If Brandy isn’t around, I’ll take advantage of it…

  10. Leshka commented on TOBY 9 months ago

    I love TOBY’s responses to everyone’s problems.