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Calvin and Hobbes

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  1. Leshka commented on Strange Brew 3 days ago

    This isn’t too far from the truth. In NYC, the Fox building is only a few blocks from the Ripley’s museum in Times Square…

  2. Leshka commented on Barney & Clyde 3 months ago

    Hey, as long as you don’t touch me or say anything stupid (which is anything,) look as much as you want.

  3. Leshka commented on Rubes 3 months ago

    There was an X-Files episode where Mulder asks a genie for peace on earth and she grants it by getting rid of everyone else in the world. Technically, it’s doable…

  4. Leshka commented on Liberty Meadows 4 months ago

    If Brandy isn’t around, I’ll take advantage of it…

  5. Leshka commented on TOBY 4 months ago

    I love TOBY’s responses to everyone’s problems.

  6. Leshka commented on The Boondocks 5 months ago

    sigh I know how Jazmine feels. I too have a white mother and black father and when I was growing up, I identified with the white side of my family (the side that lives in the States.) Black people want you to be black, white people want you to be white, Latinos think you know perfect Spanish because you “look” like you do.

    Then I grew up and decided labels were stupid, and if you don’t like for who I am, then **** you. :)

  7. Leshka commented on Imagine This 6 months ago

    Wait, I’m a lush, albeit a 35-YO one. Could you come over to my place? We’ll have such fun!

  8. Leshka commented on Scary Gary 6 months ago

    Thank you for that link. I only had the audio of that version on a decaying cassette tape.

  9. Leshka commented on Rabbits Against Magic 7 months ago

    Not one enormous spider, two semi-enormous spiders and thousands of babies.

  10. Leshka commented on The Barn 7 months ago

    Early in the “food as beauty product” trend, Clairol made a shampoo called “Touch of Yogurt”. People didn’t know whether to put it in their hair or to eat it to give them good hair. The shampoo was probably really good, but the name made it a disaster.