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  1. Curtmeister commented on Shoe 9 days ago

    Are you, by any chance, related to Stephan Pastis?

  2. Curtmeister commented on The Norm Classics 10 days ago

    Yes, that would be fun to watch.

  3. Curtmeister commented on Shoe 15 days ago


  4. Curtmeister commented on Bloom County 15 days ago

    Billy Bass for the win!

  5. Curtmeister commented on The Norm Classics about 1 month ago

    Well, if you want to pick nits, any fine mesh metal screen or foil would block RF at cell phone frequencies.

    @BillThe Nuke: Lead is typically used to block ionizing radiation, although being metal, it will also block RF.

  6. Curtmeister commented on The Norm Classics 2 months ago

    Thanks for the new strips Michael!

  7. Curtmeister commented on The Norm Classics 3 months ago

    For my kids it would be: “Close the damn door!” Or as Archie Bunker might say, “You’d think we owned Con Ed or something’!”.

  8. Curtmeister commented on Shoe 4 months ago

    Well, they would say that the accident was cause by improper maintenance. Of course, there’s a difference between, say, having a wreak caused by a blowout because you intentionally drove on bald tires, and a random (and rare) part failure like yours.

  9. Curtmeister commented on Pearls Before Swine 4 months ago

    The difference between a dead lawyer and a dead reptile?

  10. Curtmeister commented on The Boondocks 4 months ago

    So, the fact that it was already common knowledge that the world was round and the Christopher Columbus actually thought that it was smaller than it really was shouldn’t be taught?

    I also think that it’s common knowledge that pretty much every ethnic group/county eventually ‘invades’ other areas and takes advantage of the native population (if they can). Did CC start something that ended up being bad for the natives? Sure. Does everybody do it? Yep. Is that a bad thing to teach in history class? Nope. And every ethnic group thinks that they are superior to everyone else, so CC was just being normal in thinking the natives were inferior. That’s not a bad thing to point out to students also.