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  1. The NPP commented on Jerry Holbert less than a minute ago

    Oddly, they over sampled Storm Troopers by 50%. Go figure.

  2. The NPP commented on Phil Hands 2 minutes ago

    According to Wikileaks AND the O’Keefe videos, people like you are supporting Hillary because you’ve been commanded to do so.Is the chain around your neck heavy much?

  3. The NPP commented on Jeff Danziger 3 minutes ago

    If Barack used the money given to Invaders to the Army, it would more than pay what they are seeking.

  4. The NPP commented on Steve Breen 4 minutes ago

    Ha ha ha ha! NOPE! The hand Hillary had out! The rule was, then Hillary would shake your hand with her right hand, her left hand would be palm up expecting you to put money in it.Bill is have a MINOR effect on HER corruption.

  5. The NPP commented on Darrin Bell 7 minutes ago

    And yet He keeps going UP and she keeps coming DOWN, even when they over sample Hillary by 33%.I guess people dislike corruption.

  6. The NPP commented on Robert Ariail 9 minutes ago

    The Washington Post recently polled 37% Democrats to 28% Republican — yeah, a 33% over sampling of Democrats — Just like the Wikileaks told them to do — and yet she ONLy has a 4 point lead! This means Democrats are ABANDONING HER!So it looks like those GOPers backing Trump are riding HIS wave.

  7. The NPP commented on Nick Anderson 13 minutes ago

    So you’re showing DNC paid homeless people attacking Trump backers?Wow! You you HAVE been seeing the videos of Clinton operatives bragging about attacking Trump backers. I never thought the DNC would allow to admit to that!

  8. The NPP commented on Lalo Alcaraz about 24 hours ago

    I know you’re not allowed to read unapproved items (slaves never are), but Julian says it wasn’t Russians.Opps! The DNC seems to have lied to you.But you’re used to that aren’t cha?

  9. The NPP commented on Matt Wuerker about 24 hours ago

    I long for when PC speech disappears. Then we’ll be able to talk naturally again. Men sounding like men, women sounding like women. Everybody smiling because we recognize we are men and women.Yeah, that will nice.

  10. The NPP commented on Paul Szep about 24 hours ago

    According to Wikileaks, it IS the media’s fault.Of course you’re not ALLOWED to read those, are you?Slaves are prevented from learning. Makes them hard to control.