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  1. sw10mm commented on Michael Ramirez 3 days ago

    Anyone on the left yelling traitor or treason at little o? No? Didn’t think you’d have a spine either.

  2. sw10mm commented on Mike Lester 3 days ago

    Another lib win?

  3. sw10mm commented on Clay Jones 3 days ago

    Guess the lefties are professionals at discrimination. They don’t need to develop a process, as they haven’t even scratched the surface of their list.

  4. sw10mm commented on Dana Summers 3 days ago

    little o’s hero isn’t quite what you libs were sold, now is he? And, yes Iran is laughing it up at the supposed major global powers that have levied sanctions against them.

  5. sw10mm commented on Rob Rogers 3 days ago

    And another success story, apparently.

  6. sw10mm commented on Michael Ramirez 7 days ago

    Clearly our early poster has no idea what’s going on with politics or reality. Thanks for spewing, though.

  7. sw10mm commented on Steve Benson 8 days ago

    Don’t be lazy and just spew the leftist drool you’ve been spoon fed. Do your own homework.

  8. sw10mm commented on Robert Ariail 8 days ago

    How would you talk to someone who whips up his audience with Death to America?

  9. sw10mm commented on Paul Szep 8 days ago

    So you’re completely unaware of the libs fear mongering tactics?

  10. sw10mm commented on Jack Ohman 8 days ago

    You really need to keep an eye on your hypocritical, flip flopping party.