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  1. Kharon commented on Peanuts over 2 years ago

    It will be shown later in the series as CB wonders the same. But no spoilers here.

  2. Kharon commented on PC and Pixel over 2 years ago

    First is was real science backed global warming. When it didn’t happen, they (IPCC) changed it to “climate change” backed up with same science.

    So even when the “science” is totally wrong it can be used to back up something totally different.

    For us real scientists, it’s guessing and “adapting to environment”, not science by any means but collecting money for predicting everything totally wrong.

    And then claiming random single items are caused by this bigger phenomenon, just to collect research money like before.

    It’s all about money: In EU alone 5 billions of it. Let’s put it another way: How much would you lie if someone gave you a million in cash?

    And 5 billions is a million to every climatologist in EU, ~5000 of them.

    So yes, the will all lie because of money.

    Similar money distribution is running in US too, behind the curtains.

    “Follow the money” explains everything in this case: No need to argue.

  3. Kharon commented on PC and Pixel almost 3 years ago

    @tigger: I wouldn’t say 50% failure rate is “good”.

    While camera may see crime in progress, there’s no-one to stop it so seeing it is irrelevant.

    Also: Who monitors the monitors?

    Invasion of privacy is a serious matter and no-one is controlling how the images from myriad of cameras are used. Most cameras are totally anonymous, there’s no way to know who is behind the lens and for what purposes they are installed.

    Just like in the East-Germany, eh?

    But I’m sure there wasn’t anyone there claiming pervasive surveillance (like Stasi) was a good idea. Outside of the leaders, of course.

    Which makes it kind of funny … “land of the free” is using totalitarian tools for “internal security”.

    But it’s all about show, not actions: Some people feel more secure when there’s a camera monitoring them, even when the camera is a dummy. Security theathre like TSA.

  4. Kharon commented on Peanuts almost 3 years ago

    If I recall correctly, it was known at this point that none of the main characters were in same grade as Charlie (Peppermint Patty is in same grade but in different school) and as this happens in class, characters need to be in same grade, therefore Shermy and Violet.

  5. Kharon commented on PC and Pixel about 3 years ago

    “record melting” is false, as it indicates the speed of the melting and that has deminished as temperatures hasn’t risen since 1997, by latest NASA measurements and on average only +1C total, globally since 1890.

    Area is still deminishing but speed of melting has gone down, not up.

    Funnily that is never mentioned, only that area is “smaller than ever” (since 1981, but even that is not mentioned either. 1981 happened to be one of the coldest years in 20th century, why use that as “normal”, anyway? It has nothing to do with “average” climate in 20th century.)

    Funny thing is that medieval warm period has vanished from IPCC charts between 1991 and 2001. It’s also a historical fact: Why they would remove this kind of facts from charts?

    A bunch of half-truths smells badly like propaganda and with this amount of propaganda needed, is the phenomenon discussed even real?

    Government wouldn’t lie to us, right?

    We engineers rely on repeatable experiments and theories based on said experiments, which in turn can predict future reliably: That’s science.

    Climatologists don’t have experiments and they have abudant of theories, but none of them can predict anything correctly even in 10 year scale while extrapolating 100 years forwards. No sane scientist would do that.

    Therefore not science, but a cult.

    Pseudoscientific cult, but so is scientology.

  6. Kharon commented on Peanuts almost 4 years ago

    This is interesting strip, local translations never had it even though they had this story line.

  7. Kharon commented on Peanuts about 4 years ago

    This strip hits the nail: Every shy guy thinks like this. I know this from experience, long time ago.
    Commenter Grog also has a point, shy guys tend to think (too much) before acting and then they don’t act.

  8. Kharon commented on Peanuts over 4 years ago

    Captain Obvious, Snoopy.

  9. Kharon commented on Peanuts over 4 years ago

    I did some archive (*) digging and this strip is appearing very near original appearance, 29th of March. Year of course was 1965 at the first time.
    Snoopy is very aware of latest fads as we will see later. :)

    • Archive here being The Complete Peanuts, 1965- 1966. Highly recommended.

  10. Kharon commented on Peanuts over 4 years ago

    @Harper: I’m quite sure that when this comic first appeared in 60s, dog dishes were steel. And those go BONNG when hit.
    Most dofg owners still prefer (stainless) steel dishes: Those last longer, plastic ones have a nasty habit to get chewed to pieces.