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  1. garysr87 commented on Jerry Holbert about 4 years ago

    very excellent cartoon says it all in one picture

  2. garysr87 commented on Robert Ariail about 4 years ago

    it is true that most American are so dumb they would believe it just like the man in the toon.

  3. garysr87 commented on Mike Thompson about 4 years ago

    January 20, 2013, if it gets here after December 21, 2012, will be just another day because neither one to the two assholes running for president can do squat about another significant for America. They are both in corporation’s pocket and they run the show.

  4. garysr87 commented on Dana Summers about 4 years ago

    Was the private sector any better before Obama was elected?
    the private sector other than the 1% has not been better since 1980 and the election of Ronald Reagan

  5. garysr87 commented on Tony Auth about 4 years ago

    Say what you want the toon is factual

  6. garysr87 commented on Chuck Asay about 4 years ago

    What exactly is Family Values??

  7. garysr87 commented on Stuart Carlson about 4 years ago

    how do you know that the Trusted Mechanic is a liberal, because he disagrees with you?

  8. garysr87 commented on Matt Bors about 4 years ago

    this generation is so fixated on games they cannot tell truth from fantasy. to them it is all a game.

  9. garysr87 commented on Chuck Asay about 4 years ago

    Both Bushes and Cheney were Liberals !!??

  10. garysr87 commented on Chuck Asay about 4 years ago

    Nixon was a Liberal !!??