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  1. ROLtheWolf commented on Arlo and Janis 29 days ago

    Baby chicks love the sun, so hawks would have to be the explanation.

  2. ROLtheWolf commented on Arlo and Janis about 1 month ago

    You don’t have to heat the house, but having a light helps trick the hens into laying into the winter.

  3. ROLtheWolf commented on Doonesbury 2 months ago

    There are those who see it as a farce all by itself, even when they love someone enough to say forever. As an institution marriage has become a joke. Over half of all marriages end before 8 years. Humans evolved as poly amorous tribe-dwellers. Our psychology and physiology don’t really support monogamy. Some people don’t feel like hurting the person they love by playing along with the farce.

  4. ROLtheWolf commented on For Better or For Worse 2 months ago

    Don’t worry, Gramps. They’re angry.

  5. ROLtheWolf commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 3 months ago

    Newspapers actually performed this function back then. People actually DID have these arguments – just like people argue now over our issues. They used ad hominem just as slickly as our commentators today.

  6. ROLtheWolf commented on Doonesbury 4 months ago

    Why would Zeke’s hurry to take Duke’s stuff contribute to your contempt for attorney’s. I mean, Zeke is the shit heel here (as always), not the attorney.

  7. ROLtheWolf commented on Doonesbury 5 months ago

    Alex refers to Zeke as “Uncle Stupidhead”

  8. ROLtheWolf commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 6 months ago

    Baseball, Football, Hockey and Basketball all have monopolies. Not FREE market at all

  9. ROLtheWolf commented on Doonesbury 10 months ago

    They’re mostly not babies.

  10. ROLtheWolf commented on Arlo and Janis over 1 year ago

    What bothers me the most: that our government is spending BILLIONS to gather impossibly huge piles of data, and the bigger the piles, the less they will ever be able to sort out to actually protect us from harm. It’s a huge waste of money, and it only serves to ultimately be abused by creeps on staff who want to stalk an ex-girlfriend or celebrity – or gather blackmail on politicians who oppose the NSA.