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  1. PICTO commented on WuMo 24 minutes ago

    They seemed attractive on the underfed waif that slouched down the runway in them…On a normal person not so much.

  2. PICTO commented on Monty 31 minutes ago

    Hey Ump…Do you look at your Momma with those glasses?

  3. PICTO commented on Close to Home 40 minutes ago

    “Oh that’s a keeper…” Goldmember.

  4. PICTO commented on Pearls Before Swine 1 day ago

    Eddie? I thought his name was EULA

  5. PICTO commented on Loose Parts 1 day ago

    His partner was such a wienie……

  6. PICTO commented on Looks Good on Paper 1 day ago

    Very good, Vinnie. I’ll take a dozen and six of the doughnuts, if they’re fresh.

  7. PICTO commented on Unstrange Phenomena 2 days ago

    In time all of the Earth will become a place where the sun don’t shine…

  8. PICTO commented on Close to Home 2 days ago

    You’re not a real man unless you can lift Uranus…

  9. PICTO commented on Monty 3 days ago

    Howard Handupme will do a review of the production on his evening news broadcast.

  10. PICTO commented on Loose Parts 3 days ago

    Now that’s a comment I am going to relish for a footlong time.