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  1. PICTO commented on Pearls Before Swine 4 days ago

    “Santa can be so vindictive.”
    What did you expect? The man keeps lists.

  2. PICTO commented on Stuart Carlson 4 days ago

    Now, who wants white meat?

  3. PICTO commented on Loose Parts 4 days ago

    In other news… Reports of yellow ice forming on roadways and rooftops across northern Europe have been confirmed…

  4. PICTO commented on Last Kiss 4 days ago

    Thank-you back for all that you do to help keep us thinking. At my age thinking about sex is about all that’s left.
    And have a Happy Merry.

  5. PICTO commented on Herman 4 days ago

    That’s why some sentences are concurrent. It would take forever to serve three life terms. Maybe longer.

  6. PICTO commented on Birdbrains 4 days ago

    …And not so green.

  7. PICTO commented on The Argyle Sweater 4 days ago

    Yellow rain…?

  8. PICTO commented on Speed Bump 5 days ago

    Can I have the keys to the ark this Saturday, Dad. I have a date with Mom.

  9. PICTO commented on That is Priceless 5 days ago

    Redrum.. redrum…redrum…….

  10. PICTO commented on The Other Coast 5 days ago

    At least Koko doesn’t have to wear that ugly sweater anymore.