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  1. Meg commented on Pearls Before Swine 3 months ago


  2. Meg commented on Overboard 4 months ago

    ANY excuse for John Prine! Especially if he’s growing those “illegal smile” plants.

  3. Meg commented on Loose Parts 5 months ago

    That’s absolutely ridiculous. Giraffe’s cannot make a sound. And if they could, there’d probably be a heckuva echo.

  4. Meg commented on Bob the Squirrel 5 months ago

    I asked for mine. I wanted to charge the doctor, if he kept it.

  5. Meg commented on Overboard 5 months ago

    The look on the face in panel 2 is PERFECT.

  6. Meg commented on Rudy Park 7 months ago

    Alas, no spellcheck when inking. And spellcheck makes for too many lazy people.

  7. Meg commented on Arlo and Janis 7 months ago

    I really don’t understand why guys are so fixated on our undies. Really.

  8. Meg commented on The Meaning of Lila 8 months ago

    I know how they feel. I was in Cleveland to visit the R&R Hall of Fame last weekend…. Cold and snow kept us indoors.

  9. Meg commented on The Fusco Brothers 8 months ago

    Failure is not an option. With Microsoft Windows, it’s standard equipment.

  10. Meg commented on The Knight Life 8 months ago

    Oh come on. Trump says enough stupid things that you don’t have to make any up.