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Wee Pals

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  1. ArizonaBorn commented on For Better or For Worse almost 3 years ago

    This is called patience! Definitely a virtue!

  2. ArizonaBorn commented on Wee Pals about 3 years ago

    Red and yellow black and white they are precious in HIS sight. . . . . We as a nation need to just learn to love one another and get over it. Acknowledge the past, but don’t continue the same negative emotions and behaviors. IJS

  3. ArizonaBorn commented on Herb and Jamaal about 3 years ago

    I like how he called it a “pat on the back”. I know that there were cases of “child abuse” in my day. But this whole mentality that a spanking/paddling is child abuse is ridiculous. When kids can threaten parents with arrest, it’s completely out of hand. And, I know. My sister’s youngest child tried it. Didn’t work on my sister. But it does on so many.

    Like Charles Smith said, it depends on the child. Spankings never worked for me. They worked for my sister. restriction worked for me. Regardless, parents who aren’t parenting should be parenting. Friendship comes later.

  4. ArizonaBorn commented on Doonesbury over 3 years ago

    This is a crack-up. I like the other for-profit team names other have come up with too.

  5. ArizonaBorn commented on JumpStart over 3 years ago

    Hardware Dept. Absoloutely! My mother did that once, and then told us we still had to get to school! Walking!

    Dotweasl. All it takes is one time for you to keep your promise. No threat, but a promise! Bet she believed you from then on, no matter what the issue was!

  6. ArizonaBorn commented on JumpStart over 3 years ago

    I love it! Twin sister checking on the twin brother!! He knows his sister is on homework duty!!

  7. ArizonaBorn commented on JumpStart over 3 years ago

    I agree with randayn.

  8. ArizonaBorn commented on Rose is Rose over 4 years ago

    If only it was as easy as talking to the animals!

  9. ArizonaBorn commented on Calvin and Hobbes over 4 years ago

    I too am highly allergic to cats; however I “cat-sat” 4 of them for my boss over the holidays. There must have been something very inviting for that cate to want to move in with you!!

  10. ArizonaBorn commented on JumpStart over 4 years ago

    Yep. The underprivileged (around here) seem to have more than the “middlepriviledged”. I don’t get it.

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