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  1. mollie05 commented on The Dinette Set 7 days ago

    It sure looks like they are both on the same scooter, didn’t think they fit 2, especially their size!!

  2. mollie05 commented on The Dinette Set 4 months ago

    Love the “dirty” looks from their fellow passengers waiting to board.

  3. mollie05 commented on Frazz 5 months ago

    Summer means a home-grown tomato that is juicy and goes so nicely in a BLT sandwich…HEAVEN!!!
    Been eating my own 3 varieties of Cherry tomatoes on salads these past few weeks!! Also very nice over cottage cheese.

  4. mollie05 commented on For Better or For Worse 6 months ago

    Have maintained a long-distance relationship for over 46 years with my best girlfriend from high school. I do most of the traveling home to visit, but totally worth it. 430 miles each way 2 or 3 times a year and many phone calls in-between.

  5. mollie05 commented on Pickles 7 months ago

    Great clip, Denver the dog…very guilty face expressions LOL!!!

  6. mollie05 commented on The Dinette Set 8 months ago

    Gawwd another humorless troll!! YOU get a life and get lost!!!

  7. mollie05 commented on Pickles 9 months ago

    I had this problem yesterday and had to update Adobe Flash Player…give that a try!

  8. mollie05 commented on Frazz 12 months ago

    Steamed spinach, sprinkled with some white vinegar and sea salt…YUM!!

  9. mollie05 commented on The Dinette Set about 1 year ago

    That Burl, what a prince NOT!!

  10. mollie05 commented on Frazz about 1 year ago

    This is true, very noisy so couldn’t sneak up on anyone with a snowball!!