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  1. Neko Jita commented on Kitchen Capers about 17 hours ago

    @David Banks
    Bit more complex than your average rouille, David, but at least I’ll have something to bring to the Christmas table. So thanks again.

  2. Neko Jita commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not about 17 hours ago

    I wouldn’t. It’s just localization. Same thing happens in India.

  3. Neko Jita commented on Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz about 17 hours ago

    Another brilliant bit like when I was a kid! Excellent one today, Werner.

  4. Neko Jita commented on Magic in a Minute 1 day ago

    I’d pull this one on my kid sister, but it’s not worth cutting myself for…

  5. Neko Jita commented on Just Say Uncle 4 days ago

    @Dan Pavelich
    I wish I could share his sentiment, Dan, but if that tyrant Narendra Modi has his way, Christmas will be banned in India forever…

  6. Neko Jita commented on Cheap Thrills Cuisine 6 days ago

    Finally, the strip comes on the day it’s supposed to! And I saved this one the first time around, but I find it easier and healthier to just buy the chewier cranberry-oat cookies I get here than make these butter-heavy ones.

  7. Neko Jita commented on Nancy 7 days ago

    Mine is Wham!’s “Last Christmas”. Sadly, if the Narendra Modi government has its way, this Christmas will be the last Christmas ever celebrated in India…

  8. Neko Jita commented on Trivquiz 8 days ago

    @Steve McGarry
    Steve, I notice you didn’t publish the answers this time. Is this a mistake or a plan for a mini-contest to make the readers actually use their minds?

    BTW, I already know that the answer to number 2 was Elsa Lanchester. And I think the first one is “Night of the Hunter”, but I’ve never seen it; all I have is the book. (Perhaps it’s be more interesting to know that Laughton was the first actor to ever play Hercule Poirot: it was on the stage in Christie’s “Alibi”.)

  9. Neko Jita commented on Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz 8 days ago

    Just like the ones I used to read as a kid! Thanks, Werner. Really gets you to pay attention to the details.

  10. Neko Jita commented on Kitchen Capers 8 days ago

    @David Banks
    Didn’t know meat-based stuffings were making a comeback, David. Now I’m torn between recommending this to my friend who’lll be making the turkey or letting her stick to her own boring seasoned crumb version. (She never lets me do the stuffing.)