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Rudy Park

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  1. Michael Thorton commented on Just Say Uncle 1 day ago

    @Dan Pavelich
    Besides, with an orbit taking 248 years, I think even to visit Pluto now one might need to consider a plot device or two from “Interstellar”…

  2. Michael Thorton commented on Zen Pencils 3 days ago

    I know – but in American English, a vest can mean anything without sleeves, even a sweater. So I prefer to make distinctions.

  3. Michael Thorton commented on Kitchen Capers 5 days ago

    @David Banks
    David, I take off my bandanna to you because this is the only recipe of yours that my father actually eats…

  4. Michael Thorton commented on Zen Pencils 5 days ago

    Nice jacket the outdoorsman’s got on him: I have about six, and they’re so handy in a town like Delhi – I wonder why sleeveless jackets don’t make a comeback in the fashion scene.

  5. Michael Thorton commented on Cheap Thrills Cuisine 10 days ago

    I saved this one during its first appearance and I make it all the time…not just in the summer.

  6. Michael Thorton commented on F Minus 11 days ago

    Excuse me? That “receding” mustache is in fact one modeled after the Kurosawa triad – three actors who were iconic in Akira Kurosawa’s most famous films: Takashi Shimura, Minoru Chiaki and the most famous of the three, Toshiro Mifune – and all three sported mustaches like that during their time in Kurosawa’s films (Mifune in Rashomon, Chiaki in Kunimiso-ju/Throne of Blood, and Shimura in Seven Samurai).

  7. Michael Thorton commented on Kitchen Capers 11 days ago

    @David Banks
    David, I do this for both my herbivorous and carnivorous friends – and with a spinach base like this, all you need is mustard greens and you can cook anything in it from beef to shrimp.

  8. Michael Thorton commented on Cheap Thrills Cuisine 17 days ago

    This became a favourite of my mother’s so many runs ago…

  9. Michael Thorton commented on Ali's House 18 days ago

    That boy has been in the United States for far too long…and I ought to know, I’ve been in New Delhi twenty years now.

    The craft of a man who makes food is something to be respected. I’ve lived in New Delhi long enough to admire the way Indians practice sustainability – their ways of repairing are something incredible to behold: I like to spend my lunch hour watching the cobblers mend shoes, hoping to pick up the skill.

    This sort of skill and dedication is dying out in our side of the world. Our level of blind expenditure and consumerism is threatening our planet in so many linchpins I’d need Naomi Klein and Al Gore to give a talk together to even start.

    Ali over here is demonstrating an attachment to food found only in India and Japan – even in China it’s starting to disappear. There is a deep sensorious involvement with the way we eat that the “colored” peoples of the world seem to feel intrinsically, which has according to the Charakha Samitha (a historical text composed of the works of ancient Indian physicians) and the Sushruta Samitha (the historical text assembled by the world’s first plastic surgeon), been tied into nutrition and balanced meals.

    Even in the previous strip, Ali’s tasting of his own food before serving it up to others is a perfect example of the European bakers’ credo…“Who is the first person you give fresh bread to?”

    The answer is always “yourself” – because you need to see if it’s good enough. And that reasoning is exactly how the Dutch became the first to develop cookies…“koekjes”, or “little cakes”, drops of batter used to test both the heat of the ovens and the potential taste of the batter itself.

    Ali’s love for food isn’t insane – it’s historical. Google “Decolonial Food for Thought”, the blog where I research, and dig in for more.

    As they say, khuda hafiz…

  10. Michael Thorton commented on Kitchen Capers 18 days ago

    @David Banks
    David, I reversed the chocolate proportions and used dark instead of plain – and they seemed to work…