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Working Daze

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  1. Michael Thorton commented on Grand Avenue 7 days ago

    Unless you’re a certain British electrician named Andy Park…


  2. Michael Thorton commented on Kitchen Capers 7 days ago

    @David Banks

    These worked brilliantly when I made them, David – but I think they might better be renamed as “Chocolate Chunk Muffins”…

  3. Michael Thorton commented on Working Daze 12 days ago

    All I’m saying is that ever since Narendra Modi took power in India two years ago, you could go to jail for saying “Merry Christmas”. In fact, one of my friends from college got hanged for being a Christian.

    Knowing the Trump/Pence regime, how many of my friends are going to be jailed for being Hispanic/black/LGBT?

  4. Michael Thorton commented on Cheap Thrills Cuisine 12 days ago

    Finally, something new to distract me from the election trauma – but is it advisable for a student on a budget, no friends, away from his family?

  5. Michael Thorton commented on JumpStart 12 days ago

    Normally, I’d agree with the abuela, but there are a few traditions that I think we’d be better off without…as a species, or as a nation…

  6. Michael Thorton commented on Kitchen Capers 14 days ago

    @David Banks

    This looks promising, David…but I can’t place the name…

  7. Michael Thorton commented on Kitchen Capers 21 days ago

    @David Banks

    Thanks for the student suggestion, David…

  8. Michael Thorton commented on Rip Haywire 27 days ago

    The last time a “Mongoose” was involved in graphic novel/comic espionage, a female US president was assassinated and a man with a Roman numeral tattooed on his chest washed up on shore…

  9. Michael Thorton commented on Kitchen Capers 27 days ago

    @David Banks

    I think I’ve made these before, David, but white chocolate is always welcome…

  10. Michael Thorton commented on JumpStart 29 days ago

    Which is why I keep mine in a leather case on my belt…