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Dick Tracy by Joe Staton and Mike Curtis

Dick Tracy

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  1. tsull2121 commented on Dick Tracy about 15 hours ago

    Youd think that instead of running a radio show that “the legendary Vista Bill” would be consoling his gothic honey bunny in her time of need heh heh

  2. tsull2121 commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    Look, I couldn’t save Measles, so I had to save my second favorite Tracy villain. Trust me, Abner is doing fine… looking a little worse for the wear (if that’s possible) but he’s fine. He looks a tad different tho, maybe he hit his face on the way down…..but don’t worry… good ol’ Abby will be up and offing people in no time!

    I have a pretty skilled plastic surgeon on call (I believe he took over Dr Will carver’s practice) so the Abby you end up seeing might not look quite like the one youre used to…. as for the good doctor’s name? Hutter… Dr. Ike Hutter

    heh, heh

  3. tsull2121 commented on Dick Tracy 5 days ago

    “To say this character is big is belittling them. It will be a full on adventure with their cast and the cast of Tracy. And I think it will be the biggest surprise we could do.”

    theres something about this that makes me wonder…..“it will be a full on adventure with THEIR CAST and the cast of tracy.” so whoever this person.. or PEOPLE are, they’ve been well established.. and spidey, batman and superman have a cast WAAAAAY too large to be included in a “full on adventure”.

    Brenda Starr, terry and the pirates, the phantom, mandrake and tarzan DO come to mind… and the first three have appeared (or their cast has) before in this strip… but are they “big enough”? I don’t think so.. and I don’t think manrake would be either.. Tarzan, on the other hand, could be and there WAS just recently a tarzan flick in the theaters.. maybe its him?

    but I still think that the “big” isn’t a reference to status, rather a reference to STATURE instead

  4. tsull2121 commented on Dick Tracy 5 days ago

    Interesting points boboscar.. but lets evaluate your two choices. while it definitely COULD be either superman or spiderman.. I would rule out spidey mainly because Sony (who has movie rights to him) took FOREVER to allow him to appear in a marvel film, and I don’t think mike and joe could sway Sony in a shorter period of time… so im ruling out spiderman (plus, if it DID happen, I am sure that I would have heard about it by now since I work at sony..there would have been SOME sort of internal email sent out I would imagine) its fairly strong that it could be superman, especially since ruling out spidey seems logical… but would WB ALLOW their character to be used in a syndicated strip that (no offense) nobody outside the online hardcore fans even KNOW is still around in print form? unlikely.

    batman, bond and the spirit have been ruled out.. I think its safe to assume that… DC wise at least… the only character that is as “big” as superman would be wonder woman.. but I don’t see her fitting in here at all. so rule her out as well.

    the phantom already somewhat appeared, and he is a fairly BIG character so he is a possibility.. but I have a feeling when mike says “calling them big would be belittling them” he may NOT mean recognition wise.. he MAY mean physically/stature wise.. so who is a literal GIANT that could appear.

    Perhaps the readers are being a little bit “too literal”… kick it back a few gears and think smaller print but physically big instead

  5. tsull2121 commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    Morrow… would that be a SWISS bank account? (on you KNEW I was gonna go there! lol)

  6. tsull2121 commented on Dick Tracy 8 days ago

    re-reading sundays strip.. I think I am wrong.. it looks more like it is the plaque on the wall that I saw and mistook for a doorway

  7. tsull2121 commented on Dick Tracy 8 days ago

    sisyphos, when I read the installment where they disappeared… I noticed what seemed like a doorway in the wall when abner’s smoke pellets cleared… I thought they had gone thru there

  8. tsull2121 commented on Dick Tracy 8 days ago

    gweedo, I wasn’t around for the modred story.. I came on board towards the end of abner’s first appearance when he had tracy under that pendulum so I wouldn’t know

    and I don’t bash the story, sometimes I point out what doesn’t make sense to me.. take that as you will

  9. tsull2121 commented on Dick Tracy 8 days ago

    thank you SO MUCH for calling me not only STUPID but RUDE as well

    and olongapojoe, not touchy at all j ust annoyed that nobody just READS anymore and everyone has this strange urge to outwit the writers… so, until you actually KNOW me, keep your wise remarks to yourself

  10. tsull2121 commented on Dick Tracy 9 days ago

    i find it amazing how seemingly nobody just “reads the strip” anymore and wants to “decipher the clues” or “try to outwit the writer by guessing the road the story will take” before it’s unveiled.

    whatever happened to just ENJOYING a comic strip?!?