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  1. bztk commented on Steve Benson about 1 year ago

    For every poor ‘fashion choice’ there are hundreds of women doing a good job and they deserve fair treatment…You apparenlty have retreated to fantasy life populated by reality TV stereotypes…

  2. bztk commented on Kevin Kallaugher over 1 year ago

    Do you actually live here? Or are you just making such an ignorant statement based on the hype…

  3. bztk commented on Clay Bennett over 1 year ago

    Funny how we assume a god cares about petty crap happening or this pinpoint in the universe…The only thing to evolve here has been our ego…

  4. bztk commented on Chuck Asay over 1 year ago

    Chuck, You Need a few extra panels there for drugs… what gives government the right to restrict peoples drug use any more than sugar and smoking or is that just where you draw an arbitrary “biblical” line, you sanctimonious jerk

  5. bztk commented on Chuck Asay over 1 year ago

    Does Chuck think putting his folks in Revolutionary garb lends credence to his point or is that the only thing he can draw, his mind having atrophied along with his drawing skills???

  6. bztk commented on Chuck Asay over 1 year ago

    C’mon Chuck, take a reality check here, Since when is fighting back bullying. Oh, excuse me, the left fighting back is bullying because old right wing fossils really should be free to swing at will.

  7. bztk commented on Views of the World over 1 year ago

    He forgot to put the gun nuts pulling on the other side…

  8. bztk commented on Jeff Danziger over 1 year ago

    We have a basic problem here, everybody thinks his or her state is either superior or victimized, But a good cartoonist doesn’t succumb to that…Yeah Texas has its share of idiots ( I live here so I know…ex Rick Perry) but so does NY. I expected more from you Jeff, because you are one of my favorite political cartoonists (although given the level of commentary here I doubt you bother to read our comments)

  9. bztk commented on Jeff Danziger over 1 year ago

    Sorry Jeff, you messed up on this one…The south and north both have prejudices, but the “waffles-overweight-south” analogy is ponderous at best. Sharpen the pencil and take another shot at em….

  10. bztk commented on Jim Morin over 1 year ago

    Good selection for you pen name…