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  1. Socratease commented on That is Priceless 2 days ago

    She was Cruzin for a bruzin.

  2. Socratease commented on Matt Bors 9 days ago

    Don’t worry dude. You can’t die if you have never lived.

  3. Socratease commented on Tim Eagan 9 days ago

    Electric cars stuck in gridlock use zero energy, as their engines are automatically not running. Gas cars continue to idle, unless they are intentionally shut off.

  4. Socratease commented on Walt Handelsman about 1 year ago

    Don’t worry for these frat boys. They’ll soon have jobs as Republican presidential campaign workers.

  5. Socratease commented on Matt Bors about 1 year ago

    Coming soon… Humans become the new “IT”

  6. Socratease commented on Matt Bors over 3 years ago

    Running away and cutting every three seconds doesn’t work for children cornered in a classroom with no escape exits.

  7. Socratease commented on Matt Bors almost 4 years ago

    The Zombie Apocalypse is already here. There is a machine that turns all who encounter it into zombies. They call it Fox TV.

  8. Socratease commented on Matt Bors over 4 years ago

    General How did sit it out, while George and the boys got maced by storm trooper patriots, or so it would seem herein!

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