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  1. Sisyphos commented on Pearls Before Swine about 7 hours ago

    I’ve had a good (?) deal of goat myself, mostly in the form of what I disparaged as “goat lumps,” while in Greece. Preparation makes a big difference, but not always enough. Never much favored it….

  2. Sisyphos commented on Scary Gary about 21 hours ago

    You know, Gary, Leopold is right….

  3. Sisyphos commented on Richard's Poor Almanac about 21 hours ago

    Thank goodness for PBS Masterpiece Mysteries.
    Or, maybe I will watch the Super Bowl. Except after 49 years of Roman numerals, the Biggest and Brightest Wigs decided they must go to Arabic numerals in 2016 for “Super Bowl 50,” because, who knows what the L L means? But next year, it will be back to “LI.” I do favor Tradition….

  4. Sisyphos commented on Pearls Before Swine about 21 hours ago

    Goats are often kept for their milk, but they are also a major meat source and have been for 9000 years or so. Their hairy hides make good cloaks for shepherds, too. Cartoon-Boy is Greek, so I’m sure he is aware of this.
    So, Goat, don’t be too inquisitive. Unlike the curious cat, you don’t have nine lives with which to work….

  5. Sisyphos commented on Monty about 21 hours ago

    The commercial message is the translation, and vice versa. Marshall McLuhan would be proud!
    Right, Fleshy? Meow.

  6. Sisyphos commented on Luann about 21 hours ago

    Thanks to Toni’s resilience and quick regaining of her composure, Brad’s Big Time, Spare No Expense wedding fantasies have not dealt a mortal blow to their engagement. But Jonah, and his casual dumping of Shannon on Toni whenever he has his Big Break in sight (over and over again, with no significant outcomes), remains a serious problem that needs to be dealt with, one way or another….

  7. Sisyphos commented on Lio about 21 hours ago

    Squid Squares just aren’t so tasty as fresh free range Children at Play….
    Be firm with Ishy, Lio!

  8. Sisyphos commented on The Grizzwells about 21 hours ago

    I think we can guess who, Jo.
    I wonder what exactly Pierpoint said that called down the wrath upon him and his black eye?

  9. Sisyphos commented on Frog Applause about 21 hours ago

    I always “play safe” with the moths and their progeny. (Euphemism.)
    I’m a real killer when it comes to…; well, let’s just say I’m a real killer.
    Do what Teresa tells you, little girl! Enjoy!

  10. Sisyphos commented on Eek! about 21 hours ago

    The peasants are restless again! But this time, it’s Social Media that has them on the torch-lit rampage against a peaceful pieceful couple of greenies….