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  1. Sisyphos commented on Tarzan about 12 hours ago

    Go for maximum psycho-trauma! Scare those grey brats straight!
    Who is big enough to fill that Bedunga costume, if not Tarzan? So, will Rita “save” her worthless sons? I’d rather see them roasted….

  2. Sisyphos commented on Scary Gary about 13 hours ago

    Now, that is horrifying. Scary.
    But I like the artworks hanging on the wall, so that sort of distracts me from the Blob on the Couch….

  3. Sisyphos commented on Pearls Before Swine about 13 hours ago

    Honesty will get you nowhere, Rat! Especially as a politician. In fact, the folks with the pitchforks and torches are more likely to come after you first rather than after the slick, lying incumbents (of either party)….

  4. Sisyphos commented on Monty about 13 hours ago

    Athos was always my favorite of The Three Musketeers, with his shadowy background and mature skills.
    Monty seems to have his hands full (also, feet). Any helping hands out there?

  5. Sisyphos commented on Luann about 13 hours ago

    Oh, Frank! Are you actually confessing to being lazy and living off the efforts of your dad and millions like him? (One of my uncles had been a SeaBee in the Pacific in WW II; nothing stopped the Construction Battalions….)

  6. Sisyphos commented on Lio about 13 hours ago

    It’s nice to see Cybil in one of her up-moods (manic, I suppose), even if she is mal-using the kite as an attack airship to get at those pesky pigeons in the park who can fly, darned cheaters! (Hang in there, Lio….)

  7. Sisyphos commented on Frog Applause about 13 hours ago

    Rotifer & Rotifer may be attorneys-at-law, and i certainly am entertained by Ma Thalweg and today’s exchange with the slightly bent BrassOrchid (bless them both!), but still, being of a certain age, what leapt into my excuse for a mind was the sci-fi short story by Robert Abernathy (1953), The Rotifers" and, even more, a dimly recalled TV story arc featuring rotifers as A Bad Thing in early black & white TV sci-fi (a late afternoon show pitched at kids, I think, but I can’t recall which; not Tom Corbett, Space Cadet, I’m pretty sure. Any help?)….

  8. Sisyphos commented on Eek! about 14 hours ago

    Would that be a tuna salad, then?

  9. Sisyphos commented on Dilbert Classics about 14 hours ago

    Dogbert is trolling Dibert! Dilly did something good. Dogbert is torqued.
    Dogbert is a very bitter talking dog who should be more thankful for his gifts!

  10. Sisyphos commented on Dick Tracy about 14 hours ago

    Fleet Street: where the foes may meet!
    A red rose may refer to Mr. Bribery, but it also calls to mind Edgar Allan Poe, the inventor of the detective story genre, though the Poe Toaster generally left three roses at Poe’s grave. The barber pole makes a nice framing device, too, when we are invited to compare Abner Kadaver to Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, and his pastrycook partner, Mrs. Lovett, with her tasty meatpies (hello, Rikki?). Certainly, Abner appears here to have espied the Tracy couple!