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  1. mrduh commented on Lio 10 months ago


  2. mrduh commented on Chuckle Bros 10 months ago

    A sailor is a soldier…“a person engaged in military service.”

  3. mrduh commented on Rubes about 2 years ago

    MAKE my life insurance premium” ?
    Spellcheck much?

  4. mrduh commented on Loose Parts over 2 years ago

    Technically, that would be INTERSECTING universes, not parallel.

  5. mrduh commented on Chuckle Bros almost 3 years ago

    They will feel the Wrath of those Grapes…

  6. mrduh commented on Lio about 3 years ago

    @Arch Stanton
    “Spare me, oh lord”
    “Spare me, oh lord… from your own followers."

  7. mrduh commented on Unstrange Phenomena about 3 years ago

    AlteRnator spelled wrong…

  8. mrduh commented on Dark Side of the Horse about 3 years ago

    El Pollo

  9. mrduh commented on Cornered about 3 years ago

    …“upgrade the staff” — it’s called proper TRAINING of the staff on the upgraded systems. Most companies ignore the fact their staff is a valuable resource and needs as much proper attention to “upgrading” (training) as much as equipment and other physical resources do.

  10. mrduh commented on F Minus about 3 years ago

    I’m self-employed… I lie to myself.