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  1. fruegade commented on Luann over 3 years ago

    I have been happily married to the best guy in the universe for 25+ years, and we both forget anniversaries and birthdays.
    The trick is to make everyday life worthwhile.

  2. fruegade commented on Signe Wilkinson almost 4 years ago

    “Why don’t you move to Russia since you hate freedom of speech?” – that is one stupid answer to a statement from someone who disagrees with you. Don’t put other people down for having an opinion. Listen, and disagree if you choose to, but never stop listening.

  3. fruegade commented on Signe Wilkinson almost 4 years ago

    “We should at least get away from the fanaticism of the Middle East!” – there is fanatism everywhere. Think about all the people worshipping weapons in the US. More people own guns in USA tha in any Middle East coountry. Think about that…

  4. fruegade commented on Lucky Cow almost 4 years ago

    LOL. Did anybody see what Neil was smoking, just before that crazy dream started? Maybe he should choose some other weed next time. This one gives BAD dreams!

  5. fruegade commented on Luann almost 4 years ago

    Abstinence is an option; – in theory.
    You haven’t been a teenager for a looong time, have you?

  6. fruegade commented on Luann almost 4 years ago

    “I never heard of someone getting pregnant or an STD by abstaining. :)” – but a lot of teenagegirls do get pregnant from ignorance; – knowing nothing about sex doesn’t work.
    Condoms do ;-)

  7. fruegade commented on Betty almost 4 years ago

    She was not supposed to talk, just listen.
    I love the way she makes that obvious!

  8. fruegade commented on The Buckets almost 4 years ago

    If you treat your kids with respect, they will respect you. It is as easy as that.
    Tell them they’re no good, they do as you expect them to: Behave like they’re no good.
    Blame yourself, folks!

  9. fruegade commented on Betty about 4 years ago

    “Aaah, look at all the lonely people”
    There could be quite a lot of them in that company

  10. fruegade commented on Frazz about 4 years ago

    just love this guy…