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  1. rdmacgregor commented on Alley Oop about 2 hours ago

    Maybe it is a round cell phone set on vibrate…Dinny is more likely to answer Oop’s call first, though.

  2. rdmacgregor commented on Get Fuzzy 3 days ago

    Linguistic games like this might have pleased Gnome Chompsky.

  3. rdmacgregor commented on Alley Oop 8 days ago

    I think it has been at least two or three years ago (maybe more). Oop had Dinny helping with moving rocks, but it didn’t go very far before they gave it up as a hopeless task (they also didn’t have a crowd of other Moovians helping out).

  4. rdmacgregor commented on Tarzan 10 days ago

    Loose shoelace, I’ll bet.

  5. rdmacgregor commented on Liberty Meadows 12 days ago

    Liberty Meadows has been on repeats for a while. I’m miffed at the cliff-hangar Cho left when he had Brandy slap Frank for asking her not to marry her fiance, Roger (apesandbabes.com liberty meadows 1821). That particular strip (saying “to be continued…”) has appeared at least once before, and I’m still waiting for the promised continuation.

  6. rdmacgregor commented on Tarzan 12 days ago

    However, the Neanderthal girl, who has, up until now, spent her whole life in the dark, is brown-skinned.

  7. rdmacgregor commented on Liberty Meadows 14 days ago

    That is a good take-off on a standard Family Circus theme (the convoluted dotted-line route). Non-linear thinking and self-deprecating humor suits me fine.

  8. rdmacgregor commented on Alley Oop 18 days ago

    Given the way Guz acts, he probably needs a bodyguard to protect him from just about everyone…well, except Umpa; a bodyguard would have to be especially stupid to interfere with Umpa when she comes after Guz.

  9. rdmacgregor commented on Tarzan 23 days ago

    He should have grabbed the rope and given it a good jerk to get the guy off the roof, too.

  10. rdmacgregor commented on Liberty Meadows 29 days ago

    Followed by “we’d better get out of these wet clothes”…