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  1. rdmacgregor commented on Tarzan 12 days ago

    Or maybe they are a tribe of industrious manufacturers of countertops, sold under the DuPont name…

  2. rdmacgregor commented on Alley Oop 16 days ago

    Amulet, axe, Oola? what else…oh, yeah, he could trade away his furry BVDs.

  3. rdmacgregor commented on Tarzan 16 days ago

    A sleepy guard with a sleeping chicken on his head.

  4. rdmacgregor commented on Get Fuzzy 18 days ago

    Following up the note from NebulousRikulau…I’ve heard that over 90% of cheese is now made using chymosin. Only a few specialty/artisanal cheeses (ie, relatively low-volume production) still use animal-based rennet.
    The use of genetically engineered micro-organisms is very widespread in food and pharmaceutical industry for everything from processing enzymes and fermentation agents (think bread and wine) to insulin (humulin). The European GMO labelling regulations cleverly exempt these latter uses from their labelling requirements lest folks come to realize the technology isn’t really so scary after all (ie, familiarity breeds complacency/acceptance).

  5. rdmacgregor commented on Tarzan 18 days ago

    The chief is misunderstanding the situation. These are SOUTH Kohrians, not NORTH Kohrians.

  6. rdmacgregor commented on Get Fuzzy 19 days ago

    Well, I would have guessed “unbalanced”.

  7. rdmacgregor commented on Alley Oop 19 days ago

    I guess its a good thing they haven’t run into Tarzan, then. Tarzan seems to kill a big cat or two every week!

  8. rdmacgregor commented on Tarzan 23 days ago


  9. rdmacgregor commented on Alley Oop 26 days ago

    I thought Dave Wowee supplied the amulets.

  10. rdmacgregor commented on Tarzan 29 days ago

    Well, he does have a rifle slung over his shoulder…