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  1. rdmacgregor commented on Tarzan 2 days ago

    And sometimes he leads his animal friends off into the desert to die of thirst.

  2. rdmacgregor commented on Alley Oop 3 days ago

    Tie Tunk to a tree and smear him with iguanodon sex pheromone…

  3. rdmacgregor commented on Alley Oop 8 days ago

    Well, Guz could go fishing, and take Tunk along as bait.

  4. rdmacgregor commented on Tarzan 19 days ago

    I’m guessing smoking in bed.

  5. rdmacgregor commented on Alley Oop 22 days ago

    Tunk’s attitude to Oop is comparable with Captain Hook’s feelings about the crocodile.

  6. rdmacgregor commented on Get Fuzzy 22 days ago

    Terry Prachett’s Commander Vimes got rid of a werewolf that way (except, instead of a tennis ball, it was a small bomb that the werewolf chased).

  7. rdmacgregor commented on Tarzan 23 days ago

    More likely, Wong will save Betty, then grapple with Merala and both will fall into the fire. But, does that mean they will die (permanently), or both be immortal (for Merala, doubly immortal, I guess)?

  8. rdmacgregor commented on Alley Oop 24 days ago

    Where did all the kids go? Alley didn’t notice when they fell off as he went charging into Lem2/Moo?

  9. rdmacgregor commented on Tarzan about 1 month ago

    Wong has a pistol…

  10. rdmacgregor commented on Get Fuzzy about 1 month ago

    There are at least a couple of different animated versions of the old song, like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1S5pAF1YYA