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  1. Hedgehog commented on Jerry Holbert about 10 hours ago

    So, you really do want more government control of your life, not less.

  2. Hedgehog commented on The Grizzwells about 13 hours ago

    Here’s something to keep you up late at night: What happens to the economy when everything becomes a commodity? Except for single-family housing.

  3. Hedgehog commented on The Duplex 1 day ago

    When I have to pay $1000 for a new TV, then yes, I’ll buy a 4 year extended warranty. My daughter didn’t. Who’s crying now?

  4. Hedgehog commented on Ken Catalino 1 day ago

    That’s strange, considering that everyone have been saying how much they’d like to have a political outsider in the White House for decades. Apparently “the people” didn’t really mean it. And by the day, Dave, does your wife let you take them off the mantel and look at them from time to time?

  5. Hedgehog commented on Tom Toles 2 days ago

    I’m sure they’re crushed.

  6. Hedgehog commented on Marshall Ramsey 3 days ago

    Hopefully, in 8 years when we have the possibility of still another Clinton in office, we’ll come to our senses and do something to put a stop to dynastic rule in America. It was wrong when Bush 2 was elected. It was unthinkable that Jeb might be elected. And by the same token, it’s unthinkable that Hillary should be elected. No single family should have that much influence on American law and foreign relations. It’s just wrong. And even if you Clinton supporters won’t admit to it, you also know it’s wrong.

  7. Hedgehog commented on Matt Bors 4 days ago

    The rest of us have to not only take a drug test before taking a new job, but we’re faced with periodic retests at the will of the employer.

    And there’s also the fact that if any of us mere morals had done what Killary did, we’d never ever qualify for any type of government job needing a security clearance.

  8. Hedgehog commented on Joel Pett 4 days ago

    You guys sound more like Fascists than Americans.

  9. Hedgehog commented on Shoe 5 days ago

    Yeah, I remember the transparent blouse craze of the 80s. It got so bad that management finally had to issue policy – and the management were all women! I asked the girl in the cube next to me to stop wearing the things. She said “This isn’t transparent. It’s translucent.” That, in spite of the fact that I could read the label on her bra.

  10. Hedgehog commented on Rubes 5 days ago

    Bite me, copper!